Mastering your brain is not the answer to living a better life. The answer is inside your mind and your mind is not your brain.

Body Mind Workers

With over 20 years of working with men, women and children from all walks of life.

Matt has developed a unique approach to accelerating the rate that people can transform their behaviour and begin new lives free from pain and dis-ease. This process is open to all and the results are staggering.

Matt’s Life Coaching

Why not discover what drives and motivates you?

Did you ever notice that people do crazy stuff for no apparent reason?

Would you like to know why they behave the way they do? Or discover how you can change and influence your own behaviour? Imagine that?



Why Matt?

Business Selling and Negotiating

I am driven to understand what motivates people to do what they do. I also teach hypnotic persuasion, selling and negotiating skills. Would you like an even greater impact?

Behavioural Change Consultant

With two decades of experience in Education, Health, Business and family therapy I am committed to the highest standards of personal integrity, professional ethics and clear objectivity, so that parents and children, teachers and schools, employees, managers and executives can trust throughout the entire process.

Best Selling Author

I write to reach out and help more people. A friend of mine said “This book pulls no punches. It is written with honesty, humility, wit and competence.

Most of all, it is written in a way that draws from the experience of this man’s inner journey to be all he is and his outer journey to help others to do the same.”. Thank you John Overdurf.

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Matt’s Insights

The freedom a tear can bring

When crying isn’t crying Over my twenty plus years in the field of personal development, I have witnessed lots of salt water coming from the tear ducts of clients. Please note I didn’t say ‘crying’ and that is because as you approach an old wound to heal it...

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How do you do Chronic Pain?

Why does Pain persist and become Chronic Pain? If you have ever wondered why pain persists and becomes ‘Chronic Pain’ then read on, you may just discover that there is a better way to alleviate the symptoms. Current Science on Chronic Pain and Nociception. Science...

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“Emotional Memory-Images” Your Screen

From then to now... As twenty-first-century science continues to strive for greater understanding of the human body via advancements in technology and neuroscience: the author believes that the secret to greater health and wellbeing dwells not in a person’s body but...

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The problem is not the problem!

A request for help A few weeks ago I received an email from a colleague who needed a little advice on what to do with a new client. The email discussion is below, names changed to support client confidentiality.   Hi Sorry to disturb you . This mum called me...

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