Pioneering Transformation

I am a Mental Health rebel. Healthier, happier people are my cause. My work challenges the status quo to deliver profound personal transformation.

Past events influence how we see the present, but these perceptions can limit our progress in all areas of life. Our inability to adapt in the next moment causes dis-ease of mind and body.

If you are sick of the same old thoughts and habits, brave enough to accept honest feedback, and willing to laugh at my crazy humour, then we can work together. Flexibility, fun and learning are at the heart of everything I do.

Effortlessly resolve phobias, fears and limiting patterns

Uncover the source of your habits and beliefs

Learn about inner mental
realms, time management and kids

Matt Hudson has a BA (Hons) Education degree and his work is firmly grounded within this paradigm. Matt is a bestselling author with a passion for helping people to help themselves. 

He is also an authority on Self-Sabotage, Non-Verbal Communication/Body Language, and the world’s first Biofield Engineer. Matt is leading a remarkable discovery into the causation of many human psychological and physiological problems.


Matt helps resolve phobias, remove anxiety, heal from abuse, eradicate chronic pain, release trauma and harness the power of the mind. He supports individuals to enhance performance, find purpose, create balance and live their fullest potential.

Matt Hudson

Consulting on Stress Management, Burn Out, Communication and Behavioural Change, Matt supports individuals, teams and organisations to transform.

What People Say

"Matt is great he sorted out the big mess we were in"
James Twit
Designer - Big Company Ltd
"Matt is awesome he made all the processes simple"
James Twit
Designer - Big Company Ltd
"Matt was fab at making everything nice and lovely"
Orange Corp PLC
"Matt made all the problems go away and everybody nice"
Pinpot Traders PLC

How the brain misinterprets and categorises information

Accessing key memories stored in the bio-electric field

Matt is conducting ground-breaking research, clinical practice and coach training to resolve emotional traumas and imprints stored in the human Biofield.

Matt’s evolutionary approach is creating a better way for all; he is evidencing a rapid shift in life-long issues and engineering immediate improvements in the day to day lives of many.

Non Verbal Communication is the language we speak with our body, voice, eyes and gestures. Beneath conscious awareness, this language reveals underlying information about our subconscious landscape. We cannot lie with our body, it speaks unconscious truths. Exploring non verbal communication uncovers deeper understandings about ourselves.

Science is rapidly revealing that the mind and body connection is much more complex and energetically-based than we thought.

Empower yourself by understanding your unconscious.