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Matt Hudson

Mental Coach


Matt Hudson was born with congenital deafness, but since his speech is perfectly normal, you wouldn’t realise unless he told you. Raised in a tough neighbourhood in Newcastle upon Tyne, Matt learned to use his challenging circumstances as a catalyst for personal growth.

His lack of auditory perception allowed his visual senses to develop to an extra-ordinary level of awareness; Matt effortlessly understood non-verbal communication, tapping into the deeper, usually hidden layers of information people express with their bodies.

Through his unique Mental Coaching methods, Matt has helped thousands of people achieve profound personal transformation, experience inspirational self-discovery, eradicate pain and restore health to live purposeful, more fulfilling lives.


Matt uses a combination of:

Linguistics (The study of Language)

Psychology (The Study of the Mind)

Ethology (The Study of Human Behaviour)

Physiology (The Study of the Body)

Cognitive Science (The Study of Thought)

Quantum Physics (The Study of Matter)

Education (The process of facilitating learning)


Matt’s Mental Coaching methods are accessible, down-to-earth, deeply effective and most importantly, lots of fun!

Emotionally traumatic experiences from childhood and beyond establish unconscious programs that inhibit our development in important areas of our lives. When these programs are triggered, we mentally regress back to that moment; we’re still living in the past.

Matt’s natural mastery of non-verbal communication allows him to detect the body’s micromovements that reveal when we’re tapping into these limiting programs. Matt then interrupts the flow of data between the subconscious and the body, clearing the mind of these traumatic programs and freeing us to live in the present without the problems that have hindered us for so long.

Matts Approach

See how combining the latest human biofield science with a deep understanding of nonverbal communication can give you a whole new perspective on the mind and brain.

Wellbeing Books

Top 3 Coaching Downloads

  1. Getting Well Again – (Recovering from Illness or Injury)
  2. Anxiety & Stress – Hypnotic Audio for Powerful Anti Stress Treatment
  3. Confidence – (Your Own Personal Confidence Coach)

Find out exactly how and why our minds have evolved to trick us and keep us stuck in fear, and most importantly how rapidly and effectively Matt resolves the past so you can be free to live fully in the present.

Explore your curiosity. Share your story. Let’s overcome obstacles together.