Matt Hudson

Helping people overcome their personal challenges is Matt Hudson’s life calling

Meet Matt Hudson

Born with congenital deafness although his speech is perfectly normal, Matt faced plenty of his own difficulties growing up. Raised in a tough neighbourhood of Newcastle upon Tyne, England, he learned to use his challenging circumstances as a catalyst for growth.

Acute Awareness

Fortunately, Matt’s hearing problems were a blessing because his visual acuity was sharpened to an extra-ordinary level of awareness. He became adept at understanding non-verbal communication, tapping into deep levels of information about other people hidden from their conscious awareness.

Matt has used this gift to help thousands of people to develop empowering behaviour and habits, get free from pain and disease, and live purposeful, healthier, more fulfilling lives.


Matt uses a combination of Linguistics (The study of Language), Psychology (The Study of the Mind), Ethology (The Study of Human Behaviour), Physiology (The Study of the Body), Cognitive Science (The Study of Thought), Quantum Physics (The Study of Matter) and Education (The process of facilitating learning).

Matt has spent hundreds of hours developing his skills in Hypnosis and Psychotherapy, as well as studying with some of the most influential figures in the field of human development, including Richard Bandler and John Grinder (the founders of NLP), Steve Andreas, Paul McKenna, John Overdurf and Shelle Rose Charvet, to name just a few.


What My Clients Say

“I sat with [Matt] for not 25 years, but 25 seconds, and the one thing that was stopping me, that was paralyzing me, he neutralised it; he took it away.”
~ Tatjana L


With one foot planted firmly in the academic, scientific paradigm, and the other in the intuitive paradigm of the Biofield, Matt’s approach is holistic, down-to-earth, accessible, and most importantly, lots of fun!

Matt’s natural mastery of non-verbal communication has influenced his growth into a world class Behaviour Change Consultant, Biofield Engineer, and initiator of the revolutionary personal transformation of thousands of people with issues just like yours from all around the world.

Discover how Matt’s work can support your transformation.