Do you suffer with a chronic condition?

Got a folder of information from your doctor or psychologist
but are still suffering!

chronic no more

Hello I’m Matt Hudson and in my career I have helped thousands of people unlock the secrets of

“Being better!”


This experience has lead me to create Chronic No More


A simple solution to a long term problem

Please watch the video below before you continue

Last year changed everything for a lot of people me included! So much loss and tragedy around the world.

It made me realise that I have to do more

So, I started giving away my best selling download “Getting well again” and the feedback I received was incredible.

People have contacted me from around the world to thank me for my generosity and the results they have recieved from my gift to the world.

Things Like:

“Thank you Team, first listening complete, there were tears.”

C Young

“I listened to your wonderful story this morning, while I was sitting in my little garden in Antwerp Town.It was difficult to put a smile on my face today, but the dolphins made me smile again. Thanks for sharing the story, It gives hope, that’s a fact.”


“Dear Matt Thank you for your daily motivation, your “being”! These words “appreciating yourself” are touching me in my heart this morning. So nice to see these words at a moment when I needed them most. It’s amazing that these kind of things are happening, just at the right moment, reminding me because I forgot this for a short moment. I just wanted to let you know and thank you for this/our connection. Thanx.”

Jeanine M

“Yesterday evening I listened to your voice for the first time, outside, sitting in my city-garden, with a sky full of stars… And I already had some sparkling moments. This morning I listened again and I had a smile on my face several times… Today was indeed a very good day for me, I succeeded to put a smile on my face several times.”

“I am loving it. Can’t wait to wake up and listen. First I did it at night, it made me fall asleep so now I listen as soon as i wake up. Every time I hear something new wink funny how that works. My body releases alot of stress. Nice. Yawns, sighs and tears. Great feeling. Oh and smiles of course. Love the endolfins laughing Feel like cleaning the house too.”

Liz W

I listened to it today for the first time… I have been sick with Covid 19 for almost four weeks now, so your download came in perfect timing… I have been doing reconnective healing twice a day for ten days and today I listened to you.. the first quarter I just cried, your words made so much sense, so tomorrow I will follow your voice again…

H van den Broek

Hi Matt, still feeling positive. Walked 34 miles last week, which helps too. The download keeps me motivated. Cheers


Dear Matt, Thank you so much for the audio. I have a deep appreciation for everything you did here in Antwerp – for me and my daughter – your training and insights into the mind. I wish you the very best and thanks once again.

Ise V

But still I knew I had to do more!

Chronic no more is my answer to the many problems I see in the world, it’s from my many years experience affecting real change in thousands of people.

You see over the years I’ve noticed commonalities between all types of disease and illness.

It wasn’t untill recently I cracked the code!


I cracked the code!

But first I need to explain your mind to you

Our subconscious minds are the most powerful computers in the world they absorb everything and you don’t even know that you are doing it.

When we are young we have no defence against this constant flow of information, we sit there absorbing every little detail of the world we have just become aware of.

And this information slowly programs us into who we are today.

So the quirky way your mum greets people becomes a part of you and the way your dad laughs too.


But it’s not just the good bits

Bad bits also become a part of you, so that accident when you were a kid or when your uncle called you fat, the trauma stays with you, imprinted for you to look at always.

A constant reminder of what you’ve been through just hanging in front of your subconcious mind to look at!

All the trauma and these limiting beliefs programed into you when you had no defence.

And they control your actions to this day these “programs”.

Your conscious mind trapped dancing to your subconscious programs, forever repeating the same mistakes or putting up with that terrible relationship.

How many times have you tried to change, but were unable to?

Thats because your subconscious mind is resistant to change

It will always pull you back on course!

The “course” set by your subconscious’s programing it absorbed when you had no defence back when you were a child.

And every trauma you have endured since has narrowed your path further.

Because your subconscious is resistant to change, real change the sort of change that can alter your path and give you back control.

For real change you need to “reprogram” your mind

To “reprogram” your mind you need help!

Lasting change can not be achieved alone.

But, when you do you regain control

You access the ability to overcome your fears!


When you “reprogram” your subconscious you regain control of your health

Please watch Tatjana’s story below before you continue

When you regain control of your health

You are able to live your best life

Are you sick and tired of the same outcomes?

Do you want lasting change in your life?

Do you want to regain control?


I can help, I’ve been doing this for a long time

I can teach you how to improve your health by improving your subconcious relationship with yourself.

Earlier I said about trauma sticking with you but its worse than that!

Causing you to beat yourself up and constantly make poor decisions.

Yes its true does any of this sound familiar to you:

“why did I not just……”

“I should have just…..”

“why am I….”

 If you catch yourself asking yourself anything like this it’s you battling your subconcious!

And battling your subconcious is like trying to turn the titanic away from epic disaster.

I have been teaching people to break free of subconscious ‘freeze’ responses for years.


Let me make this clear, this is not a get well quick scheme

This is not some “Miracle pill” that you can take and wake up tomorrow feeling “Healthy”!

If you are here for a miracle then please be aware the only magic required is for you to put the effort in.

I deal in real but not without commitment!

I give you the tools but you have to use those tools.

Without your commitment it’s pointless.

Doomed to be another “Chronic” statistic on some health care register somewhere with your humanity reduced to a number.

Look I’m not promising to cure you of anything naturally and without medication, if I did that an army of lawyers would chase me to my dying day.

With your commitment and my tools you can change your subconscious programming that’s keeping you stuck.

So, what are you getting today?

You will have lifetime access to ‘Chronic No More’ on my learning portal, for you to use everyday.

You will understand the 4 principles of dis-ease.

Access to the 4 subconscious programs with video demonstrations that can transform your life for the better.

PDF downloads of the “filters” for you to print and keep.

Access to the documentary that will help you understand trauma and its impact on your life.


learning portal

Remember for lasting results complete the exercises twice a day for 30 days.

If after committing to my program and using it for 60 days you are not 100% happy I’ll refund your money.




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