Fear of Public Speaking



Fear of Public Speaking

It’s safe to say that most people probably don’t enjoy speaking in a public setting. Standing up on stage and having your work and ideas judged by your peers can be a harrowing experience. Even presenting something to our family members, to a classroom or a small group, or being asked to lead a speech or a toast can be difficult. For most people, public speaking is simply an uncomfortable experience, but for others, it is an actual phobia. A phobia is an acute, irrational fear that often produces severe side effects ranging from nausea to panic attacks.

In the medical community, the fear of public speaking is known as glossophobia. It is characterized by an extreme fear of the prospect of speaking publically. If you’ve tried public speaking before in college or back in school, and found yourself at a complete loss for words, you may have glossophobia. Some people break down in tears, lose their voice, or vomit on stage in some more extreme cases. This can be crippling, and can dramatically impact your social life, your profession or career, and your familial relations. The mere thought of having to speak in front of a crowd is enough to send some glossophobes into a full-on panic attack.

If you experience a severe phobia related to public speaking, there is certainly hope. In the modern age, more resources are available to us than ever in the way of therapeutic options. A wide variety of different therapies exist that can help reduce your anxiety or eliminate it from your life entirely, and one of the most effective ways to deal with any phobia is to confront it using the power of hypnosis. Hypnotherapists are professional hypnotists who utilize hypnosis as a therapeutic medium, usually to help people cope with their psychological issues.

Hypnosis has helped people lose weight, cure social anxiety, quit smoking, and quit drinking. It is particularly effective for curing and treating phobias, as phobias are often rooted in traumatic experiences in the past. Hypnosis helps people access distant memories, in order to discover the root of their phobias. This will allow them the opportunity to confront their fears in a safe setting, and with the help of a trained hypnotherapist, it is a highly-effective way to use the power of visualization in order to explore the subconscious mind, memory, and create scenarios where the fear can be examined without actually having to face it in the real world.

The Advantages of Hypnosis for Public Speaking Phobia

Hypnosis helps the patient achieve a state of complete relaxation and clarity of thought in order to establish the full history of a phobia. Where did it begin, and why? Did your phobia start in childhood, long beyond the bounds of memory? Hypnosis will help bring long-forgotten memories to the forefront of the mind with powerful visualization. Since many phobia sufferers can’t remember exactly why or when the experience that created their phobia occurred in their life, hypnosis allows external stimuli to be minimized so that the focus can be entirely on the subconscious mind and history of experiences.

It is a deep, relaxing sensation that feels akin to having an excellent night of sleep. For first-time clients, it’s often reported that they felt as if they just woke up from the most relaxing, restorative sleep of their life. While the brain is still not well understood by the scientific community, the power of hypnotism is well-documented and tested, and the practice of hypnotherapy/NLP has been established as an effective therapeutic option for people suffering from phobias and other psychological issues.

A trained hypnotherapist can help you better understand your fears and confront them, and they can utilize techniques such as hypnotic regression to replace negative feelings associated with the source of your fear with positive feelings. It is a powerful technique, and having a world-class hypnotherapist can make the difference between an excellent and unsatisfactory hypnotherapy/NLP session.

Developing a fear for public speaking in adult life can destroy your chances of landing a sales job, or any job where you have to deal with people on a regular basis. In any job position where you will have to get up in front of people and give presentations, or drive your point home with assertiveness and decisiveness, public speaking phobias will only hamper your ability to do your job well. This is why it is crucial for career salesmen, marketers, and public personalities who develop an acute fear of public speaking after a particularly traumatic incident should give serious consideration to hypnotherapy/NLP as an effective treatment that will help them liberate themselves from their fears. If it’s the difference between having a career and having no career, what do you have to lose?

Hypnosis: The Hidden Solution

I have helped thousands of my clients attain true freedom and self-actualization by liberating themselves from the bonds of their phobias. Whether you fear public speaking, heights, spiders, or even fish, I can develop a fully customized plan that will help you attain control over your life and your mind. My keen understanding of psychology, in combination with my world-class training in the art of hypnotherapy/NLP, can help people who suffer from a variety of different psychological issues and conditions. My focus is helping find a solution that works specifically for you, so the hypnosis is not only effective, but helps you reach a state of calm and clarity that you have never felt before.

I hope to soon count you amongst the growing number of people who have utilized the services of professional hypnotherapists in order to become stronger versions of themselves. Even if you are not currently suffering from a phobia, and you are simply anxious or want to improve your ability to speak to an audience, hypnosis can help you gain a clearer understanding of your own mind, so that you can truly improve as an individual and tackle your psychological issues head-on with powerful visualization and hypnosis guided by a world-glass hypnotherapist.

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