KID’s by Matt Hudson: Parenting Advice and Child Development

KIDs now they come with a manual

“The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a
faithful servant. We have created a society that
honours the servant and has forgotten the gift.”

Albert Einstein

This book aims to parallel Einstein’s thoughts. We have compiled sound, solid and rational communication strategies, for the servant, and then woven intuitive, inspirational and aspirational client stories to remind you of the gift. With this in mind your child can:

* learn more efficiently

* process information quicker

* become more resilient

* perform better on tests

* engage in productive dialogue

* have the ability to see multiple “right” answers

* become able to socially integrate and make friends easier

At the same time we are seeking to teach through metaphors and client stories from our personal experience, because this is such an ancient way of transmitting multiple meanings, cultural values, ethics and morality. The use of pronouns like he/she are used interchangeably throughout the book, and the same with singular child and plural children, parent, carer, mother and father. The reader should adjust this to their own unique situation.

A guide for Parents and Teachers

Logic can be easily dismissed as right or wrong by the listener, rather like taking aim at a battle ship and firing a torpedo in order that you may be able to sink the problem; only to find, after you have pushed the button, that the vessel has a radar and averts your incursion, with unerring accuracy.

On the other hand, a story that is well placed, fun and intriguing, woven through with humour, and curiosities will glide effortlessly towards the target, gently scratch it’s hull, leaving the ocean to breach the previously untouchable craft with new learnings and connections. Or perhaps you might consider; why sink a perfectly sea worthy means of conveying thoughts? When colluding with the crew may entice the captain to change its course.

With this in mind we would encourage you to turn your head away from the land you know and invite you to travel with us to discover new shores.

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