What is a Phobia and how to Cure it?

What does it mean to be Phobic and have a phobic response to something?

If you are phobic of something that means you believe that the stimulus will kill you. It may seem very irrational, you may even agree that it is irrational and yet as soon as you come into contact or even begin to think about the object that causes your phobic reaction you instantly become afraid. Your Amygdala takes over and you become a gibbering wreck.

There are a few techniques that can be found that can help you get rid of phobias, these techniques are listed below:

I have over the last two decades worked with some of the craziest phobias you can imagine, made countless public demonstrations, created videos and yet still there are people walking around terrified of what I call ....Perceived Horrific Object Bringing In Adrenaline or PHOBIA for short. 😉

Watch Barbara Jurewicz get rid of her Phobia of Hot Air Balloons, which was taken on a recent Body Mind Workers training event. It's hilarious 😉