Unconscious Coaching

Unconscious Coaching and Your Truth

When Descartes proposed “Cogito ergo sum” or “I think therefore I am” perhaps he was talking about your unconscious mind, after all it is the most powerful force that you posses. Consider then what effect directing the flow of unconscious thoughts, could have upon your behaviour, your health, wealth and well-being? I am sure that you like me, have seen people who for one reason or another go out into the world and achieve what they set out to do. On the other hand, I am sure that you will know people who fail consistently to achieve or attain what they desire because that is how they believe their life is. Surely then, one of the key’s to understanding and achieving what you want out of life is simply this “How do you convince yourself that something is true?”

Many people have argued for centuries about the truth but doesn’t it just boil down to you believing or not believing in something? Churchill said ‘ The truth is incontrovertible malice may attack it, ignorance may deride it, but in the end; there it is” fine words from a great statesman but how do you know what your real truth is? In the book “The Saboteur Within, the Definitive Guide to Overcoming Self Sabotage” the case is put forward that “your truth” is created in early child hood, by the many influences that surround you, within your environment. As you grow and develop “your truth” will define who you are now and who you can become. The argument being that the unconscious mind seeks to maintain the status quo within your world, keeping everything the same. This is why self help and personal change is so difficult, because in order for real change to take place you must engage your unconscious mind in the process. Your beliefs act as a navigation system, guiding you constantly toward that which you know and are comfortable with. The challenge comes when you want to break free from old beliefs and create new ones.

​The Unconscious Process

Beneath the surface

Beneath the surface

Unconscious coaching is the process of coaching and facilitating you to uncover your core beliefs and values. Then aligning your unconscious mind to the direction and purpose that you desire. By engaging the power of your unconscious mind you are able to manifest what you truly desire, instead of having to settle for second best. When I say “second best” I don’t just mean not being able to afford a five star hotel, the world is full of cash rich people who have second best relationships. Some people with first class relationships at work are clinging to a second-class relationship at home and vice versa. Mahatma Gandhi said “Earth provides enough to satisfy every man’s need, but not every man’s greed”.

If you were able to find what you truly need would you be willing to do it? “Yes” you might answer loudly but the truth is that you’ve probably tried to change in the past and failed, miser ably. How many of us have, friends, loved ones, customers and clients who have certain beliefs that are unsupportive to them? If you could begin to make them think about their beliefs and their truth in a different way, then you would be able to help them to get the life they want. You could also use the same skills to help yourself J. Unconscious Coaching is any activity or undertaking to improve your self with the aid of an external support, or coach, who is trained to work with your unconscious mind.

Unconscious coaching has developed from the need to fill a gap in personal development. Although the term “coaching” has been around for almost two hundred years, interest in the use of coaching techniques for personal development is more recent. Unconscious coaching has been developed by Matt Hudson, to further bridge the gap between coaching and therapy.This does not mean that unconscious coaching is a new pseudo science. On the contrary. Unconscious coaching goes to the very heart of what every human being wants: to succeed at what matters to them. Anyone who takes unconscious coaching training, can immediately see what makes the programme different from standard training, coaching or mentoring. It is the emphasis the training places on drawing out the innate potential of clients. Milton Erickson, an eminent psychiatrist, once said “A patient is only a patient because they are out of rapport with themselves”. Unconscious coaching seeks to re-address the imbalance that causes the client to be out of rapport. When the changes are made at the unconscious level, you wont have to practice everyday as the changes will be within you, automatically, therefore you will be able to think about everything else but your presenting problem as it will have ceased to be an issue for you. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UuwUvvUhja0

Why does Coaching fail?

You are more than a product of the system

The challenge of developing yourself personally is driven from the inside of you and must be maintained by you. You are breathing whilst reading this and guess what? You don’t have to remain conscious of it, because you are safely operating within the hands of your unconscious mind. This is why many coaching programs fail because even though you want to be fitter, healthier and wiser, the majority of self-help paths lead you on a step by step, conscious journey. It is on your personal battle of unconscious verses conscious that you will find your very own saboteur, alive and kicking inside your mind. You are not an object or robot on the production line, you are a human being and you are on your own path to who knows where? Have you ever wondered why you felt that you had a great coaching session only to slip back into your old habits within a few days or weeks. That is because your coach or therapist with their code of ethics, are duty bound to tell you what has happened within your session, whereas, Milton Erickson said “any explanation was a therapeutic mistake”. That is why step by step self development fails because it leaves you a clear path back to where you began, which whether you like it or not, your unconscious mind will take.

How is Matt different?

Matt recognises that if you could change you would have done it by now and on your own, but the reason you fail is because your unconscious beliefs and behaviours happen automatically, without you having to even think about them. That is why when you choose to truly develop personally with Matt you will go beyond those internal barriers to success and exceed your wishes.

All of Matt’s Personal Development courses are geared to create unconscious transformations, that last.