Unconscious Coaching and Self Sabotage in Spain

A Self Sabotage Master Class has Finished - An Example of How Effective Unconscious Communication Can Get Past Language Barriers

Sonya Hudson and I have been in Alicante with Carla Beljaars and Henk Beljaars (a couple of HNLP Master Trainers) The program is the brain -child of Marie-Lou Hoving, founder of Zonnevlecht Academie, who wants to help people to live better lives through developing themselves via world class trainings. Henk and Carla deliver brain-based training during the early part of the day , which allows your mind to absorb learning quickly and retain it easily, then Sonya and I deliver pieces from both our Unconscious Coaching and The Saboteur Within. We had a blast! You can find out more about self sabotage here, matthudson.com/self-sabotage.

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The training is in Dutch and English and according to the participants; even those with only a little English were still able to keep up, as a lot of our work is experiential and doesn’t need many words. There will be another couple of courses via Zonnevlecht Academie, and Inzigd so check them out. Our courses continue to expand the mind body and soul so contact us here for further details, too. A few pics are dotted around for you to look at

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What the Participants said...

"Thank you for acknowledgement and the permission that I now can give myself; all the insights." 

"Thank you 20 million times, for being with us and giving your attention. You taught us many ways to see ourselves and others. The love and the WOW moments were simply wonderful." Liesbeth

"Thank you so much for shining so bright! and being an inspiration for all of us. The beautiful changes I have experienced and witnessed are truly amazing. So much love, peace and laughter….WOW, just WOW. Thank you for being you."Sonne Enter  

"I thought I was loosing the ability to love, now I know I never stopped. I thought I lost my love. now I am loving." Rolph

"Thank you… for your humour… for your acting… for your wisdom… for your uncertainty… for your tears… for the songs… for the angels… for bringing Dirk and Jacqueline together again." Jacqueline

"There was always an uncertain place in myself, thinking if I was good enough , loveable enough. The hypnosis brought me a deep feeling of acceptance and love. I can share without borders. Hope I meet Matt and Sonya again…think that will certainly happen." Annet

"I am very grateful for meeting you two, beautiful experienced Life/Angel Coaches. I am in the centre by acceptance and letting go , Thank you" Bastian

"I cannot find the right words to describe what happened this week. I am just grateful to have met you too! Thank you so much for saying the right words at the right time ." love Karin

More Photos, to come and for now a big thank you to Henk and Carla, for inviting us, Thank you to Marie-Lou for creating the space and a big, big thank you to all of you who came and spent time with Sonya and I; you are in our hearts xx