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Train Your Subconscious Mind

Matt’s subconscious mind training helps people process, resolve and integrate emotional or traumatic experiences from the past that are impairing their quality of life in the present.

Matt can detect when individuals are accessing their emotional memory images (EMIs) via the non-verbal communication of their eyes, and is able to interrupt the stream of data from their subconscious that signals to their body how to react to the perceived threat in their environment. By simultaneously holding the old EMI in mind and perceiving the present moment from a place of clarity facilitated by Matt’s expert guidance, clients experience a near instantaneous resolution of their outdated programs. Think of it like switching a computer on and off, causing all the unnecessary background applications to wrap up and stop hogging valuable data.

One of the ways in which Matt’s approach is unique is that he focuses on the solution and not the problem. Because he can access all the information he needs to resolve his client’s issues with non verbal communication, he does not need to know what the original emotionally charged event was, so clients do not need to re-live the trauma of their past. Instead, Matt’s Mental Coaching sessions are fun and engaging, with plenty of humour and focus to bring your awareness to the higher cognitive centres of the evolved adult brain.

Once the erroneous emotional memory images (EMIs) are re-written using adult rationale, then our perception and experience of reality shifts dramatically. Fear, rigidity, and helplessness are replaced with confidence, joy, and a firmly established self-belief. Matt’s Mental Coaching and subconscious mind training resolves issues that have persisted for a lifetime in seconds, and reintroduces you to a version of yourself that appreciates and enjoys life to the fullest.

“I cannot remember a day that I have not been afraid of chickens. My fear was huge. From the moment I saw a chicken I became hysterical, I turned red and I even started crying sometimes. I always linked chickens to danger. The only thing I thought was “run,” “stay away.” Even if I only heard them in the distance. After barely 15 minutes talking with Matt Hudson, I was able to stand 1m away from a large rooster. I felt surprisingly calm. I still don’t completely get it but I can say that my problem has been solved.”


Matt’s Coaching Methods

Coaching Downloads

Retrain your subconscious to achieve greater mastery or to overcome specific issues with binaural hemi synch hypnotic audio coaching downloads, your own 1 to 1 coaching sessions with Matt, always available at your convenience.

Self Coaching – Wellbeing books

Coach yourself to greater self-understanding and personal transformation with Matt’s wellbeing books. Matt is the author of numerous bestselling titles, including The Saboteur Within, the definitive guide to eliminating self sabotage, KIDS: Now They Come With A Manual, a practical and fun guide to parenting, and The Wizard of Was, an essential primer on time management.

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Breakthrough Coaching

Book a day long Breakthrough Coaching session with Matt to work on a specific problem until it is completely resolved. This is ideal if you don’t have the time to spend on multiple sessions and want to permanently overcome a pressing issue as quickly as possible.


Matt’s private coaching is profoundly transformational, find out how he supports clients to find their freedom and fitness once more.