The Sabotage Game


Some workshops change your viewpoint… this workshop enables you to change your life!

Did you ever wonder why the moth is so intent on reaching the flame? What has this to do with you? The moth has already gone through great pains to transform from the caterpillar it once was. Taking flight, free to seek out what it truly needs. In many ways this journey parallels ours as human beings. As your desire to become more grows, then you too can transform and resonate at a higher level of self.

As each lowly caterpillar intuitively decides to stop crawling around and to take a stand we are reminded that our own intuitive self, spirit, soul is yearning too, craving truth. This desire for truth burns inside each of us and we crave this true reality, mesmerised, like the moth to the flame. The moth is a reminder that we too can shake off our past and create new beginnings, to become who we have always been!

Matt Hudson’s Sabotage Game is where your perception of reality transforms into what you desire. What would you do now, today, if you knew you couldn’t fail? Just two days with us can give you the tools, skills, and attitude that can give you the freedom to do anything you can imagine!

The Sabotage Game

The Sabotage Game Workshop is two days of unwavering self-development, hosted by Matt Hudson and based on his international best selling book The Saboteur Within – The definitive Guide to Overcoming Self sabotage. The course is designed to help you discover the secrets to unlocking your full potential. Bursting with innovative ideas to help you create a life that is aligned with your highest intentions. Matt’s work has already impacted on thousands of people to live more meaningful, and richer lives!

Remember this is a “workshop” and everyone will be working on his or her own personal challenges. The exercises have been honed out of Matt’s 20 plus years of working with clients in groups as well as one to one, in therapy and in coaching. The course will give you the ability to recognise any and all negative influences in your life and then create, acquire and fortify new beliefs, habits, and attitudes that set all who attend, on a course of living a profoundly different life.

In Just 2 Days You Will Learn How To:

  • Free yourself from dis-empowering beliefs with Proven Self Mastery Techniques that get results!
  • Recondition your thoughts, feelings, beliefs and attitude to align with your true self.
  • Reconnect and experience the power of your true self!
  • Become free from fear as you discover how your brain has been tricking you.
  • Expand your connection to the now!
  • Discover how to see life as it just is!
  • Increase your capacity for getting things done, by focusing on what you want!
  • Create below conscious connections that will drive you to making better decisions!
  • Uncover the real triggers that have been holding you back!
    And much more!

Your Investment Includes:

The Sabotage Game Study Guide

One Year Subscription to continuing education program

A 10% Discount On Additional Sabotage Game Training Programs

Certificate of Completion as a Sabotage Game Graduate

A learning experience to Transform Your Life!

Sonya and Matt

Sonya and Matt

The Sabotage Game Feedback

“Russell Potts”

“Exceeded my expectations by miles.
Matt embodies immense skill and human qualities. Through his authenticity he enables others to discover the obscured gold whilst taking steps to reach potential. Matt has the quality of sharp focus, tenderness and playfulness. Matt reached me in a way that allowed me to feel supported throughout the course. He and Sonya are sincere and authentic people who are of genuine service to others. The models used were accessible and far-reaching.

I grew immensely on many different levels. I would recommend this course to anyone that would like to encourage their hidden potential.”

“Authentic, simple, highly effective. Matt and Sonya are grounded, generous, lots of smiles and we would love to attend more courses with them. Unexpectedly profound change work. Delivered with a deceptively, highly intuitive, simple and easy manor. Thoroughly enjoyable, wonderful, thank you.”


“I didn’t expect to make such a massive progress. Challenging but I wouldn’t have missed a second of this weekend.”

P. Stammer

“As ever fantastic energy levels, excellent exercises; punchy, not too long and not too short. Fine presentation in understandable nuggets. A luxurious size group, which allowed us to really feel connected.”

J Peglar “Amazing weekend!”
“It was both petrifying and wonderful! You have given me hope for the first time in a long while”
“Came not really knowing what to expect and I am leaving with my heart mind and eyes open ready to take on what I think will be the most liberating journey of my life ☺.”

Antonia de Kavanagh-Boulger

“Making new discoveries, adding to my life journey, which is enriched by having you both in my life.”


“Amazing what you can do in just two days. I have become aware of things and letting go of other things that hold me back to reach what I truly want. Thank you for a wonderful workshop.”