Spiritual Retreat


Do you have an issue in your life that you would love to resolve but don’t know where to start? Maybe you’re a coach or therapist and you would like to up your game? Whether your reason is personal or professional wouldn’t it be wonderful to just to run away for a while? To take the chance to explore your mind and to experience yourself more deeply?

Life Body Soul Retreats combine ancient wisdom and modern techniques to create positive, lasting changes in your mind and body to reconnect you to your soul purpose.

What are Life Body Soul Retreats?

The ultimate gift that you can give to yourself or a loved one, this year, is the journey of self – discovery. Letting go of life’s stresses and strains, to wander deeply into your mind; reconnecting with your power and strength. It is this connection that allows you to still your mind and create life-enhancing changes.

Let Go of Your Stress and Create Mental Space

Neuroscience is allowing us to see what the ancients have always known and that is “we need to feel connected”. When we are placed under pressure for too long this can manifest into stress, which in turn can cause the amygdala (primitive part of the brain) to fire up and cause you to begin firing many harmful chemicals inside your body.

This is why it is so vital that you disconnect from your schedule of work and commercial practices, in order to reconnect your Life, Body and Soul. A development program that allows you to step off the hamster wheel for a while and remember who you are? How to laugh, learn and love?

This inward journey to your more authentic or higher self will leave you truly uplifted, refreshed and ready to embrace whatever challenges life may throw your way.

The Benefits

The benefits that can accrue from investing your time with us are priceless, in that you can unearth new ways of directing your life that embody far superior degrees of happiness and self-fulfilment. There is, of course, an automatic improvement on, self- confidence, health, well-being, abundance, creativity, you name it and we will help you get there.

Imagine sitting in the company of two top therapists/coaches and discovering new ways of creating shifts in yourself and others. This will be a practical course, which can eliminate many causes of dis-ease in your body and emotional stress, guiding you to a simpler way of taking control of your mind.

What do you get?

  • 7 days of glorious Lanzarote weather.
  • 5 days of development to unleash your own personal power.
  • 2 days to explore the island.
  • Accommodation in the beautiful Xaki Villa
  • Half board breakfast and lunch
  • A chance to learn from international coaches Matt and Sonya Hudson
  • Conquer your demons with the help of an authority on Self – Sabotage
Sonya Hudson and Matt Hudson Hypnotherapists and HNLP Trainer
Challenge Yourself

Challenge Yourself I Dare you!

This immersion program will eliminate many causes of emotional stress and help you form a mindset of happiness and success. By creating enlightening moments for you to experience, you will be inspired to live a more authentic and fulfilling life. The deeply profound connections that you create here, will cause you to be a healthier, happier and more positive. Ready to see the world as it just is.

‘He who controls others may be powerful but he who has mastered himself is mightier still.’”

Lao Tzu

Date & Venue Information

Date: 1-8th October

Location: Lanzarote

Accommodation: Villa Xaki, Tías, Canarias, Spain

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What people say about

Matt & Sonya Hudson

[our_team target=”” style=”circle” heading=”Russell Potts” image=”56″]“Exceeded my expectations by miles.
Matt embodies immense skill and human qualities. Through his authenticity he enables others to discover the obscured gold whilst taking steps to reach potential. Matt has the quality of sharp focus, tenderness and playfulness. Matt reached me in a way that allowed me to feel supported throughout the course. He and Sonya are sincere and authentic people who are of genuine service to others. The models used were accessible and far-reaching.

I grew immensely on many different levels. I would recommend this course to anyone that would like to encourage their hidden potential.”[/our_team]

[our_team target=”” style=”circle” heading=”Timara” image=”56″]“Authentic, simple, highly effective. Matt and Sonya are grounded, generous, lots of smiles and we would love to attend more courses with them. Unexpectedly profound change work. Delivered with a deceptively, highly intuitive, simple and easy manor. Thoroughly enjoyable, wonderful, thank you.”[/our_team][our_team target=”” style=”circle” image=”56″ heading=”Magda”]“I didn’t expect to make such a massive progress. Challenging but I wouldn’t have missed a second of this weekend.”[/our_team]
[our_team target=”” style=”circle” heading=”P. Stammer” image=”56″]P. Stammer
“As ever fantastic energy levels, excellent exercises; punchy, not too long and not too short. Fine presentation in understandable nuggets. A luxurious size group, which allowed us to really feel connected.”[/our_team][our_team target=”” style=”circle” heading=”J Peglar” image=”56″]“Amazing weekend! “
“It was both petrifying and wonderful! You have given me hope for the first time in a long while”
“Came not really knowing what to expect and I am leaving with my heart mind and eyes open ready to take on what I think will be the most liberating journey of my life ☺.”[/our_team]
[our_team target=”” style=”circle” heading=”Antonia de Kavanagh-Boulger” image=”56″]“Making new discoveries, adding to my life journey, which is enriched by having you both in my life.”[/our_team][our_team target=”” style=”circle” heading=”Anna” image=”56″]“Amazing what you can do in just two days. I have become aware of things and letting go of other things that hold me back to reach what I truly want. Thank you for a wonderful workshop.”[/our_team]