Matt’s Cure to Social Anxiety Disorder also known as Social Phobia

"I Don''t Hate You, I Just Have Social Anxiety" - How many friends do we know that suffer from this phobia?

Many also know this as social phobia .It is an anxiety disorder in which a person is anxious about meeting new people. A person with this type of anxiety disorder is always afraid of how other people will view him or her, it is mostly as a result of low self-esteem and thus a person suffering from this disorder will avoid everything to do with meeting new people e.g. parties, weddings and even funerals. This disorder has often been related to panic attacks. This isn't something new it is the second most common anxiety disorder in the world. So having this type of phobia is not something to be ashamed of, one can overcome it and move on with his or her life quite easily, Matt has been known to cure phobia's in less than 20 seconds, although this type can take a little longer.

Can it be cured?

It can be cured because it is not a fatal ailment, one can overcome it without even going to the doctor easily through various steps if they are followed carefully to the letter, but when one finds that it is not possible to control his or her anxiety disorder it is always good to seek medical help. Below are some of the ways in which one can overcome this phobia and also gain great skills to go with it.

Accepting that one has a problem is a good way to start. Most people will often deny that they have social anxiety disorder (SAD) and will thus not seek help. Not seeking help has its own problems, one of the problem associated with this is that they will find ways to escape reality by doing drugs, smoking, drinking too much or even turning to hard core drugs like heroin and cocaine which will offer only a short time relief and also have a lot of side effects like addiction. Seeking help and even helping oneself is the most effective way of overcoming this fear.

Another way to overcome this type of phobia is by always challenging negative thoughts. Most of the people that suffer from social anxiety will always worry about humiliation, embarrassment and stuff like that so overcoming this will help to stop this fear. Going to events or even doing public speaking is hard for people with this phobia because they will always think that people are thinking the worst of them so they never even give it a try. .One needs to stop assuming that he or she knows about what other people are saying or thinking about him in order to conquer these negative thoughts and actually try something community. One can do this by himself or even through therapy.

Another way of overcoming this fear is by facing ones fears head on. Most people with SAD always fear what will be said about them so they never give anything so they never actually try anything social in their life. Trying things out is awesome because one gets to learn that there is nothing to fear by doing anything social. The best part about this is when one gets positive feedback about something like a speech or even a nice outfit. This greatly helps to boost the patient’s self-esteem. In this step, only the patient can help himself.

Another way to conquer social phobia is through talking about it. This can be done by joining social groups of people with the same problem and talking about it or even volunteering to do something you love doing. This greatly helps in the social phobia treatment because the patient is able to see that it’s not only he that is facing the same problem. Talking about this also helps to relieve stuff like stress and even helps to improve one’s skills because he or she interacts with different people. Although this alone cannot overcome social phobia, it is of great help.

When one is nervous or anxious he or she will breath very fast and thus increasing carbon dioxide levels in the body, that’s why people facing with this can faint and even nosebleed when they come face to face with their fears. Learning this greatly help reduce the physical symptoms of fear or even hide them. This is a great way to help overcome the social symptoms of SAD.

Lastly, seeking medical help is a great way to get rid of SAD . The most common method used by doctors is cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT). The therapy helps the patient to face their fears rather than ran away from them.

In conclusion, social disorder is not something to be embarrassed or even ashamed of, it is a normal anxiety problem that most people face around the world. The most important way to overcome it is by accepting the problem and seeking help, there is courage in that. We have had a huge level of success when it comes to fears, the best part of it is, you can even work from the comfort of your own home, as long as you have an active internet connection and a Skype account.