Relationship Coaching

Could this be why you're scared of commitment?

The longest relationship that you will ever have is the one with yourself and when you've got that right then you can go in search for Mr or Miss Left. That of course is in an ideal world but, for many, we stumble into relationships by chance and without planning. If you are in a relationship and you're going through a bad patch then maybe having a neutral third party support you both, is just what you need.

I can help you to explore the core of your relationship and to develop clearer communications between you and your significant other, it

Relationship Problems and Solutions Concept
maybe that unbeknown to either of you there are a set of unconscious beliefs running that are causing you to sabotage your self and destroy your chances of happiness.

Mary and John had been living, happily, together as a couple for 12 years then they decided to get married within 4 months they were arguing terribly and looking to split. Neither Mary nor John could understand what was going on so they came in for a couple of sessions.

During the session it became apparent that Mary had strong beliefs about the word “Married” which were counter to John’s.

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Uncovering commitment issues?

Marriage means Trapped, shackled, forced, chained, Slavery, responsibility and obligated
Marriage means happiness, soul mates, openness, freedom, honesty, truth, pleasure, and fun.
These beliefs were poles apart but in twelve years had never come up because in twelve years they had never tied the not, got hitched up, jumped the broom stick or married; only now could these beliefs become active and awaken from there dormant position deep below the conscious surface of an otherwise wonderful relationship.

Mary and John were well into the blame game when they arrived for their first session and neither was going to take responsibility for the hurtful things that had been said and done over their last four months.

Communicating better leads to a better realtionship

“It pains me to say this but maybe we’ve just run our course” John said, but by the time we had uncovered these hidden beliefs about marriage and transformed them, an exhilarated, jubilantly happy couple were reconnected and ready to continue their life together.

You can’t know what you don’t know and that’s why you should come and see me for a fraction of the cost of seeing a lawyer. Doesn’t your relationship deserve a spring clean, to put sparkle back into your partners eyes before somebody else does?