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I often work content free so there is no story needed.

No need to relive the trauma thats causing you discomfort.


Matt’s research leads him to believe that our memories are stored outside of our body in an area at arm’s length in front of us, almost like a windscreen.

These memories were called emotional memory images (EMI’s) by Sigmund Freuds teacher and mentor professor H. Bernhiem the father of psychotherapy.

EMI’s as we call them trigger neurological responses within our brain exactly like reliving the event in real time.

These responses happen at a below conscious level, we are only consciously aware of what comes to the surface whether they be physiological, biological, neurological, psychological or behavioural. 

We are all different and therefore we are impacted upon in a variety of ways.

Matt’s theory is not condition specific, meaning that regardless of diagnosis, a change in the information field where the memory is stored can create a huge shift in the symptoms someone is currently experiencing, e.g. pain, anxiety etc.

For this reason there is no preparation needed on either part prior to the session, Matt works with what is presented to him in the moment…

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