Fear of Heights (Acrophobia)



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It is normal for most human beings to have a fear of heights. We all get a little bit scared when we go to a high place, because it puts us at risk, since we can fall and injure ourselves. Unfortunately though, many people have an irrational or extreme fear of heights which prevents them from doing things like looking from the window on a high floor in a building, riding an escalator or elevator, or visiting any other places that are located at a great altitude. This can be crippling, because it prevents you from being able to do the things that you want.

Having an irrational fear or phobia can annihilate aspects of your social life. It can alienate you from your friends and family, and it can pose long-term psychological damage and trauma that is hard to reverse without the help of a professional. The fear of heights is one of the more common phobias, and it is known medically as acrophobia. Because so many people experience acute acrophobia, there has been significant research that has helped professionals diagnose these individuals in order to prepare customized treatment plans for them, in order to improve their quality of life.

If you find out what triggers your fear, or what specific places and things cause your acrophobia, you can begin to undermine it. Understanding the triggers for your anxiety or fear is the first step to coping with and managing your phobia. With help from an outside professional, you can dramatically improve your quality of life and even overcome your fear more at matthudson.com/fear.

Hypnotherapy/NLP and Other Treatment Options for Acrophobia

There are many treatments for acrophobia, ranging from hypnotherapy/NLP to concentrated traditional psychiatric therapy. There exist a number of different programs that can help people overcome acrophobia entirely. Ultimately, the best programs encourage the patient to overcome their own fear with self-directed therapy and outside assistance.

Hypnotherapy/NLP is one of the most proven and viable ways to help reduce acrophobia or eliminate it entirely. Although hypnotherapy/NLP was originally dismissed by the professional medical community, recent studies have shown that hypnotherapy/NLP is effective in solving a wide variety of psychological and physiological issues. It can help the patient concentrate on their fear and self-diagnose the causes of their fear. Mindfulness exercises, meditation, and hypnosis can help the patient access their psyche and gain a more complete understanding of their fear and anxiety. Hypnotherapy /NLP allows a patient to relax, gain a deeper understanding of their emotions and mental state, make positive changes to their thoughts and beliefs, change their habits and triggers, and overcome the effects of their trauma.

Why Hypnotherapy/NLP for Acrophobia Works

We start by helping you frame the problem contextually. Some problems result from both internal and external stimuli, and the fear of heights is no exception to this rule. We will help you become relaxed and mindful, so you can disassociate and immerse yourself in complete mindfulness. Science has established that mindfulness exercises and meditation when combined with hypnotherapy/NLP provide potent healing powers that help the body push for positive epigenetic change in order to repair damage.

Does your fear of heights stem from a childhood experience? Did you develop your acrophobia in adulthood? We will examine your past and look deeply into your mind to find the root causes of your acrophobia. Once you understand what causes your fear of heights, you will have more control over it and you will be able to move past this trauma and live a much better quality of life once overcoming your fears.

Dramatic Improvements in Quality of Life

Imagine what you would be able to do if you destroyed your phobia. You would be able to go up high buildings and enjoy your vacation unhindered. If you find your phobia getting in the way of your leisure time, or if your phobia prevents you from doing other things that you enjoy, it can be said to be a destructive mental process and an issue that needs to be solved in order for you to enjoy your life to the fullest. Hypnotherapy/NLP allows patients to safely overcome their own issues without medication, so you do not become reliant upon anti-anxiety medication, which has been shown to cause long-term issues such as addiction and dependence, along with other issues that are only just beginning to be revealed by modern medical studies.

Hypnotherapy/NLP is a safe alternative to traditional psychiatric treatment, and it is also effective when combined with traditional medical treatment as well. Integrating hypnotherapy/NLP into your psychological regimen will help you add another weapon to your mental arsenal to allow you to overcome your fear of heights.

Acrophobia can be crippling and can make your life a living hell if it is severe enough. It prevents some people from being able to fly to countries abroad, from being able to use escalators and elevators, and from being able to work or live in high up places.

One of my patients was given an excellent job offering in Hong Kong, but was not able to take the job on because he was terrified of working in a skyscraper. The mere thought of having to look out the window every day from the 17th story of the building was so frightening that he turned down a life-changing career opportunity. This is just another example of how acrophobia can make your life difficult when it gets in the way of your personal progress, your career, your family, and your leisure time.


Don’t let acrophobia dominate your holiday, or prevent you from progressing in the professional world or in other areas of personal development. We can help you create a customized hypnotherapy/NLP plan in order to reach full self-actualization and overcome your acrophobia with proven methods and strategies for dominating your fear. With the help of a professional hypnotherapist and world-class hypnotherapy/NLP program, we can help you dramatically improve your life and eliminate critical phobias that prevents you from being able to enjoy your life the way that you want to enjoy it.

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