Fear of Fish



Fear of Fish

If you exclude a phobia concentrated specifically on sharks (galeophobia), the fear of fish is fairly uncommon in Western Society at large. There are a few aboriginal and native cultures who developed a cultural, spiritual, and mystical fear for aquatic animals, but by and large, ichtyophobia (the medical name used to refer to an acute fear of fish) is exceedingly rare. It can stem, like most phobias, from traumatic experiences in childhood to make a deep imprint upon the human psyche. Not everyone has the same type of fear for fish, either. Some people specifically fear the idea of dead fish, or handling fish during cooking. Other people don’t mind dead fish, but experience deep anxiety and acute panic attacks and fear at the sight of living fish in aquariums or in the wild. The human brain is a very complex organ, and no one experiences a phobia exactly the same as someone else.

The fear of fish is also sometimes closely related to the fear of water, or the fear of drowning. Traumatic childhood experiences in the water or ocean can have a profound impact on a person’s fears later in life. They may come to associate fish with a time that they nearly died by drowning. We often underestimate how powerfully our childhood experiences manifest themselves in our adult lives, and something that seems trivial or silly to an adult can actually result in serious trauma down the road. A child who walks through a fish market and is terrified by the sight of the dead fish may later come to fear fish in their adult life, as their mind associates fish with a negative childhood experience. More insidiously, most people do not remember specifically where their phobias came from, as they are buried deep within the subconscious and become exceedingly difficult to access as time goes on.

Many people try and fail to bury their phobias, wanting to avoid literal social exile and alienation. It can be difficult to try and find words for your feelings when you have such a profound, deep-seated fear for something and you don’t understand why. Without the help of a therapy program, many people suffer throughout their life silently with these issues, bouncing from psychiatrists to snake oil salesmen without ever finding a cure for their problems. Confronting the phobia directly proves just as fruitless, or is too terrifying a prospect to consider because facing the unknown is something that is difficult for neurotypical people to do, let alone people with serious phobias.

Fear is the most powerful human emotion, and it calls appropriately for a powerful solution. In recent times, hypnotherapy/NLP has come to be regarded highly as an excellent solution for people suffering from serious pathological fears. /NLP in particular has a strong effect on phobias because it helps a patient deal with the root cause of their phobia by looking deep into the subconscious mind. Hypnosis helps the patient achieve a clear mental state so they can think without the inhibition of their phobia and conquer their fears in a far more comfortable setting than the waking world.

Hypnotherapy/NLP and Fish Phobia

If you’re like most people who suffer daily from ichtyophobia, you probably do not know the original cause of your phobia. When you begin a hypnotherapy/NLP program, the hypnotherapist will first focus on defining your fear. When you experience a professional hypnosis session for the first time, you will most likely experience intense, deep relaxation. Most people report feeling as if they were able to get a whole night’s worth of sleep into a short 1-hour hypnosis session. It’s true that hypnosis is restorative, because it brings your body to a completely relaxed state where you can immerse yourself in your own mind and achieve pure mental clarity and access your deepest thoughts and memories long forgotten.

The original memory or trauma you experienced that created your phobia will be unearthed by this initial session, and with the guidance of a trained, professional hypnotherapist, you will receive positive reinforcement and suggestions to help you stop associating fearful thoughts with fish, or with whatever other phobias you have. This is a process known as hypnotic regression, and it is especially powerful when overseen by an experienced, professional, and well-trained hypnotherapist. This is why it is paramount that you seek out a hypnotist who has credibility, professional training, and a good history in providing world-class hypnotherapy/NLP to fish phobia sufferers and those who are crippled by a myriad of other types of phobias.

It is all about accessing your subconscious to determine exactly what moment in time your fear for fish began. You will be able to clearly and vividly visualize your past experiences, and see them played out before your eyes. Hypnosis provides an environment where you can confront fish, or the idea of fish, within the confines of your mind. You are not under any spell and you can quit at any time, and to many people, this is a much more tolerable environment to confront one’s own greatest fears in, when compared to having to see fish in the real world.

Hire the Best Hypnotherapist

I’ve helped thousands of patients overcome their fears, and I’ve worked closely with people in the past who were possessed of an intense fear of fish for a variety of different reasons. Using my history and expertise in the field of cutting-edge hypnotherapy/NLP, I will help you combat your fears and explore the nature of your phobia, in order to provide you with a better understanding of your phobias, and to hopefully cure you of your crippling everyday ichtyophobia.

Hypnotherapy/NLP has helped many people conquer their greatest fears, and it can help you too. Most people are highly receptive to hypnosis, and it allows many people to gain a more complete understanding of their mind and its processes, so they can understand precisely what triggered their phobia in the first place, and receive positive reinforcements and suggestions from a professional to help them stop associating negative feelings with fish.

I look forward to working with you and helping you develop a unique hypnotherapy/NLP plan, and it is my sincerest hope that we will be able to meet soon.

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