Fear of Elevators



Fear of Lifts/Elevators

The fear of lifts/elevators is fairly common. It is important to make a distinction between a pathological phobia and a minor fear of something. Many people fear things, but they do not develop pathological phobias that significantly impact their day-to-day life. For people that develop an acute fear of elevators sometime in their life, the mere idea of elevators is sometimes enough to start a panic attack or cause them to feel crippling anxiety on a daily basis. If you have ever had to change your plans due to an elevator, or you have not been able to attend a social event, meeting, or business function because you were faced with the possibility of having to ride an elevator, there is a strong chance that you have developed an acute fear of elevators.

Elevators are tied in with other major phobias commonly. Sometimes, people who also have a major fear of heights, or acrophobia, also fear riding elevators, and this applies especially to elevators that are made of glass or are constructed in a way that reveals what is going on outside of the elevator. Claustrophobia sufferers also often dislike elevators, because elevators are seen as closed in, sealed spaces that can be uncomfortable and snug. People who fear crowds may also dislike busy elevators, because they have to be in close proximity to other passengers. Likewise, germaphobes may not like being in elevators for the same reason as those who fear crowds; being in close proximity with strangers for even a short period of time certainly poses a risk of being exposed to someone who has a contagious illness.

Most people do not have to worry about elevators and do not experience severe anxiety at the thought of having to ride in one. While some fast elevators may simply be uncomfortable, or produce a benign amount of anxiety in the general population, there is definitely a difference between those who fear elevators mildly and those who have a phobia that prevents them from coming near an elevator at all.

Fortunately, there are many treatment options in the 21st century for people who are looking for ways to reduce the amount of sway that their phobia holds over their life. In some cases, there are even treatments that can eliminate your phobia entirely. The best treatments rely upon accessing the root cause of whatever your phobia is, and extinguishing it from your mind by addressing the nature of your fear. Hypnotherapy/NLP proves to be the most effective method for doing this. Up until recently, hypnotherapy/NLP was often underestimated by the medical community at large. Recent studies have established the importance of hypnotherapy/NLP is a therapeutic option for people who are looking to dramatically reduce the impact of their phobias upon their everyday life. Hypnotherapy/NLP works by bringing the patient into a relaxed state of mind using the help of a trained hypnotherapist, or a specialist in hypnotism. Hypnotic techniques are employed to bring the user into a calm, clear, and relaxed state that will encourage positive changes by making them more open to suggestion.

Hypnotherapy/NLP: a Novel Treatment for Phobia of Elevators

If you suffer from crippling fear of elevators, and you have tried other treatment options that simply are not work for you, you may want to consider integrating hypnotherapy/NLP into your treatment plan. A trained hypnotherapist can help you reach a calm, relaxed state of mind with immense clarity, and they hypnotherapist will help you visualize your fear and find the root cause. What memory or experience in your past caused your fear to emerge? Why has your phobia developed in the way that it has? These questions can be answered with deep introspection, and deep introspection can be provided more efficiently with hypnotherapy/NLP than through almost any other method known to mankind. Once you have a clear vision of your fear, you can confront it.

In your state of hypnosis, not only will you be susceptible to positive suggestions, with you will also have the ability to clearly look at your own past and visualize your experiences vividly. A hypnotherapist will take you back to the moment where your severe fear or phobia developed. Many people who have a phobia do not even remember why the phobia developed in the first place. Because you may not remember exactly why you developed the phobia that you have, you will probably have a much harder time overcoming your own fears without thinking deeply about where your fears originated from. As a child, did you have a traumatic experience with an elevator that left a deep imprint on your mind? Or have you never had a negative experience with elevators, and you have no idea where the experience came from? Movies and media can make a profound impact on our minds, especially for those who are already mentally ill or for those in the formative years of childhood.

Hypnotherapy/NLP is a Safe Alternative

For those of you who are tired of relying upon habit-forming antianxiety medications and traditional treatment methods, or these methods simply do not work for you and your lifestyle, hypnotherapy/NLP is something that is definitely worth trying. What you have to lose? Imagine if hypnotherapy/NLP was able to free you of your fear of elevators, and if you are able to live your life without having to worry about whether or not you will encounter an elevator in your day-to-day life.

Wouldn’t it be nice to be free of this fear when you are making your plans with your family and friends? I know many patients who have had issues with certain hotels when they went on holiday, simply because there was no standard access to the stairwells in the case of emergency. I have also had patients who were forced to use the elevators in a building because they were recovering from orthopedic surgery that force them to avoid the stairs. If any of these experiences sound familiar to you, hypnotherapy/NLP can help you avoid more emotional and mental trauma by allowing you to engage your fear in a safe and relaxing environment that will make you feel like you have had a full night of sleep, and will give you unrivaled mental clarity that will help you pierce deeply into the subconscious mind and find the root of your problems.

Our peerless hypnotherapy/NLP program is customized to your individual care. We ensure that we create a plan collaboratively with you that is both within the purview of your budget, and also is crafted specifically to meet your needs. Depending on the severity of your phobia, you may need several sessions, although many people are able to completely eliminate their phobia from the first hypnotherapy/NLP session.

The only way to know whether or not hypnosis work for you is to call today and set up a free consultation! Cure yourself of your fears, and realize your full potential.

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