Fear of Dentists



Fear of Dentists

While we all like to keep our teeth in good health, so as to ensure we don’t develop any serious illnesses or unsightly teeth, very few of us still enjoy the actual process of going to the dentist’s office in order to get dental work done. While it is certainly preferable to the alternative, which implies serious oral health issues and serious pain from tooth infections and cavities, it is still a bit scary to have to face the possibility of having to undergo dental procedures. Take note that fearing or dreading the dentist is not the same thing as having an acute dental work phobia.

Known colloquially as “dentophobia” in the medical community, the fear of dentists is a serious phobia that prevents many people from visiting the dentist regularly, and can even send some people with more severe cases of the phobia into an anxious fit or panic attack at the mere mention of dental work. Even images of dental work on television and in movies is enough to make some dentophobes experience full-body pains, nausea, hyperventilation, and other unpleasant symptoms that commonly emerge when someone with severe dentophobia is exposed to circumstances that cause their fear to have a dramatic impact upon their daily life.

It can be incredibly alienating to go through something so disruptive in your life. It is hard to explain to other people who have never felt the effects of severe phobia just how much your phobia makes an impact upon your life. Worst of all, it is common to be laughed at or not taken seriously when describing your symptoms and suffering to some of your less loyal friends or family members who misunderstand you. With all of these factors working in combination, a lot of phobia sufferers simply ignore their issues and move on with their life, and they end up being slaves to their fear.

In the modern age, there are many different types of treatment options available for people who are currently suffering from a crippling fear of dentists or another type of phobia. There are traditional medical and psychiatric treatments which integrate habit-forming and potentially highly addictive antianxiety medications into the mix, but people also look for alternative treatments and therapies that work just as effectively as traditional medical treatment, but offer a safer route of treatment with equal or superior efficacy.

Hypnotherapy/NLP is emerging in the 21st century as one of the dominant methods of tackling phobias and fears. Our fears and phobias are rooted deeply within our personal history and development, and many of them stretched back to childhood or infancy. This explains why it is so hard for so many people to remember when exactly they first developed symptoms associated with their phobia. It is even harder for people to remember when they first felt truly afraid of the dentist. For most of us, it starts in childhood and gets progressively worse with age for some people. A particularly bad run in with the dentist in childhood might leave a deep impression upon us and cause us to fear the dentist later in life. Children who have to go through extensive oral procedures and dental surgeries may end up developing acute phobias of dental work later in life as well.

Using Hypnotherapy/NLP to Cure Phobias

It is becoming more commonplace for people to integrate hypnotherapy/NLP into their phobia treatment plan, and skilled hypnotherapists can make a massive difference on the path to freedom from phobias. If your fear of dental work is causing a significant negative impact upon your life, you may want to consider seeing a qualified hypnotherapist to help you overcome your problem or reduce the effects of your phobia with hypnotherapy. Hypnotherapy/NLP allows you to concentrate deeply on your past, and it helps you reach a relaxed mental state where your brain is most receptive to positive suggestions and changes. People who receive hypnosis for the first time often report that they feel fully restored after undergoing hypnotherapy/NLP, as if they had experienced the best sleep of their life. It is no doubt that the power of hypnotherapy/NLP is deeply restorative, and it provides a lens that allows you to focus deeply on your past and your subconscious mind so that you can determine the root of your fears in order to better understand how to eliminate them.

Achieving Freedom from your Fears with Hypnosis

It stands to reason that understanding why you have developed a fear of the dentist will help you in your quest to eliminate this phobia from your life. Do you fear the pain of dental work? Is the pain of dental work really all that bad? Many people who have never had a bad experience at the dentist unexplainably develop phobia like symptoms even when thinking about the idea of going to the dentist. This phenomenon can be explained by cultural fears and the negative way that dentists are often portrayed in films. In the case of one of my patients in the past, they had a vivid memory of a television movie which featured a traumatizing scene of the main character undergoing dental treatment that was forever seared into their mind and cause them to fear similar circumstances at the dentist, even though they had perfect oral health! The anxiety of simply driving to the dentist’s office was so intense that they canceled their appointments almost every time they went in for a regular cleaning or checkup.

Hypnotherapy/NLP can help you shine a spotlight on your subconscious mind, and it can help you reveal memories and experiences that you do not even remember or associate with your phobia. Hypnotic regression, used under the watchful eye of a professional hypnotherapist, is a powerful technique that allows you to remove any negative feelings or fears that you associate with your phobia. It helps you re-contextualise and redefine the root of your phobia, and with the assistance of professional hypnosis, you can achieve the ideal state of mind for undergoing dramatic positive mental change. Enter a state of unparalleled relaxation and clarity of mind, and achieve freedom from your fears.

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