Fear of Birds



Fear of Birds

Many people have seen the infamous Hitchcock horror film, “The Birds”, where flesh-eating birds attack humans in a nightmare scenario. Most people do not, however, feel such an acute fear when they see real-world birds. There are some of us who have a deep phobia and experience crippling anxiety around birds. One of the worst things about phobias is that we don’t necessarily know where they originally came from. I’ve known a lot of people who one day, started to fear something for seemingly no reason at all. The fear of birds, known medically as ornithophobia, is characterized by extreme discomfort around birds.

For many people, this only applies to specific types of birds, such as birds of prey like eagles or hawks. For others, everything from buzzards to seagulls will set them off into a severe bout of anxiety. As children, many people have a bad experience with aggressive birds like geese, and that memory ends up making a deep imprint on the brain and staying with them well into adulthood. Even more interestingly, some people develop a fear of birds simply because of their presence at a funeral or an accident, rather than fearing them because of an aggressive or dangerous encounter with a bird as a child.

Sometimes, birds are known to fly inside open windows of homes, which can traumatize us if we have a particularly nasty experience trying to struggle with a bird in order to get it out of our house. People with deep anxiety issues and other neurological issues are much more likely to develop phobias than people who are mentally stable. As children, watching our parents freak out at the sight of a bird coming down the chimney into a fireplace—or flying through an open window—can permanently change the way we see birds in our adult lives.

One of my clients in the past had an older sibling who had a parrot as a pet. This parrot bit their finger when they put their hand through the cage, and they developed a deep-seated fear for all birds kept as pets.

We don’t always know what causes our fear of birds, but there are a number of modern techniques that can help us diagnose and overcome our phobias. Hypnotherapy/NLP is one of the most effective ways to solve this specific phobia, and it can help you not only understand your fear (and learn to live with it), but it can also help you overcome your fear entirely.

Hypnotherapy/NLP for Fear of Birds

If you’re experiencing crippling fear in the presence of birds, hypnotherapy/NLP may work for you. A fear of birds makes it hard for many people to go outside during the spring and summer, and year-round. People with ornithophobia often won’t eat anywhere near the beach or in a park, as they are afraid their food will be stolen by aggressive birds, or that they will be attacked by seagulls, hawks, crows, or vultures. As a defensive mechanism, many people swear off going outside into nature forever to avoid anxiety and panic attacks as a result of their phobia, which significantly limits their summer activities, deprives them of the enjoyment and peace one can derive from nature, and can socially alienate them if their friends or family are holding outdoor picnics that they find too traumatizing to take part in.

Hypnotism allows you to achieve mental clarity and deep relaxation, so that an experienced hypnotherapist can help you conquer your fears by finding the origins of your phobias. We’ll look back into your early memories in childhood through hypnotism, guiding you into a lucid yet relaxed state where you will experience clarity of mind and a deep understanding of the subconscious. This will allow us to help you confront your fear. If you haven’t been hypnotized before, you will be happy to find out that most people are very receptive to hypnotism. It is safe, effective, and doesn’t put you into a sleep or uncontrollable stupor where anything can be suggested to you. You’re in complete control, and you are completely aware of what is happening to you during the hypnotic process. It is simply a process that will allow you to experience clear visions and rich visuals, deep relaxation, and a clear understanding of yourself.

Hire a Professional Hypnotherapist

I’ve helped many people get over their fear of birds and their other phobias using customized, self-directed hypnotherapy/NLP programs in order to help you confront your fears head-on. Since a significant number of people suffer at least one phobia, it can be anything from mildly distressing to crippling. Hypnotherapy/NLP works by allowing someone to understand and eliminate the root cause of their phobia. It brings you into a state of complete relaxation, introspection, and understanding so that you can confront your fear of birds.

I will help you access your brain’s repository of memories to determine the exact point in your life that caused you to develop the phobia. One the cause of the phobia has been established during the hypnotic trance, this opens the door to progressing towards positive changes which will allow you to eliminate the phobia entirely from your life, or at least lessen the impact your phobia has on your life by gaining a deeper understanding of your fears, what triggers your anxiety episodes, and how to avoid or confront situations where you’ll be in close proximity with birds.

I will help you start to perceive your phobia as non-threatening with deep hypnotic regression. Your phobia will gradually disappear as you confront it in your mind, and as you gain a deeper understanding of your fear of birds and establish the root of why you fear birds.

Join thousands of people who’ve taken a big step towards positive changes in their life. If your phobia is making a dramatic impact upon your life, it’s worth looking into hypnotherapy/NLP. For many people, hypnotherapy/NLP can help alleviate or cure phobias, as it allows you to gain a subconscious-level understanding of your phobia, and provides a safe, anxiety-free environment to confront your memories and fears with a professional hypnotherapist helping you every step of the way.

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