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Anxiety & Stress – Self Hypnosis Coaching Download

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– A powerful aid to self-hypnosis
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Anxiety definition/anxiety what is it

Anxiety can be defined as a fear, worry or concern of uncertainty. Hence, it revolves around future events because tomorrow is promised to no-one and as such the future can never be certain.

Anxiety causes

There are many factors that are cited as causes of anxiety, however, we believe that there is only one. Anxiety is caused by an adverse experience that has left an emotional memory image (EMI) locked inside your mind. Anything that resembles this EMI then triggers your bodies defence system, which in turn drives your anxiety.

If you look at the list below you can clearly see that the entire list, which is cited as causes of anxiety, have a psychological basis:

  • Trauma
  • Stress due to an illness
  • Built up stress
  • Personality
  • Other mental health disorders
  • Having blood relatives with an anxiety disorder
  • Drugs or alcohol

What are the signs of anxiety?

The observable signs of anxiety include irritability, changes in appetite, the heightened alertness, your otherwise calm friend may suddenly resemble a meerkat constantly checking for predators. Internal signs of anxiety can be a non-stop voice chattering inside your head, this drives feelings of misery and panic regarding future events. Your sleep will become disrupted as your body is pumped with more and more adrenalin, caused by the panic, this can lead to you feeling irritable the next day as you’ve had little rest.

What anxiety can do to your body

In the short-term anxiety is a wonderful tool that our body can use to avoid threats, this can be perfectly healthy. The long-term implications of prolonged anxiety can lead to a myriad of poor health conditions. Here are a few examples:

  • Wired but tired
  • Fatigue
  • Irritability
  • Reduced concentration
  • Memory problems
  • Increased heartrate
  • Headaches
  • Stomach Pains
  • Diarrhoea
  • Physical pain
  • Obsessive compulsive behaviour
  • Social anxiety disorder

Can anxiety be cured?

Definitely! Anxiety is caused by a fear of what is to come. Your mind has some sort of negative emotional memory image that is causing you to fear the future. Imagine driving a car along the motorway, suddenly a large object covers the windscreen obscuring your view. Your body will immediately go into panic, and you’ll hit the brakes, now apply this to life! The panic that you’re feeling is the response to the emotional memory image in your mind. By clearing and removing the image, you are free to continue down the motorway of life.

Hypnotherapy for mental tension

Hypnotherapy is a natural solution to this natural problem. Hypnotherapy gives the solution to a stressful mind by relaxing the stress response and allowing your subconscious mind to see the original stress/anxiety triggers as neutral. Your mind craves calmness and hypnosis delivers it to you. By choosing to use a hypnotherapy audio download you have the flexibility of taking a hypnosis session whenever you choose. Sitting back for 30 minutes per day your mind can reset the alarm bells, leaving you free to enjoy life again.

The huge rise in the use of hypnosis and hypnotherapy being used for the treatment of stress and anxiety has prompted a systemic review (xiv). The study was to look at into the efficacy of hypnosis and hypnotherapy. The evidence for hypnosis to influence perceived stress is unclear. Many randomized trials and clinical studies were evaluated to discover why hypnosis has an impact on perceived stress reduction and coping.
We believe that we’ve discovered the cause of stress and if you look at the world through our eyes, then we are sure that it will make sense to you.

My Audio Download

When it comes to health, anxiety and stress are a necessary part of life. However, there are different types of stress. Too much stress can diminish our ability to respond to life’s demands, debilitating us mentally, physically, and socially. If stress becomes chronic, it can result in a compromised immune system and serious health conditions. Stress is known to be a key component in the world’s most prevalent lifestyle diseases. Asthma, cancer, depression, diabetes, obesity, Alzheimer’s, and heart disease and many other conditions can be triggered or worsened by stress.

This audio production is a powerful anti stress tool. By clearing negatively charged Emotional Memory Images from your external screen, your mind and body are able to adapt to the present moment. Enjoy life free of limiting subconscious patterns. This audio is your own personal anti stress coach, always available at your convenience.

Matt’s calming voice gently guides your conscious mind and unconscious mind towards healing through the left and right ear respectively. By tapping into the the link between the mind, nervous system and physical wellbeing, this audio promotes enhanced mental balance, resilience from all types of stress. Stress may be unavoidable, but with an anti stress mindset you’ll feel ready to take on bigger and bigger challenges.

For best results, listen to this audio download first thing in the morning or during the day, every day for 4 weeks. Ensure you’re free from interruptions and distractions when listening. Download now to start overcoming all types of stress and anxiety and start living an anti stress life today.

This audio is a .MP3 file, compatible with smartphones, tablets, PC’s and other electronic devices.

Audio length: 30 minutes.

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I’m Matt Hudson and over the last 30 years I’ve helped hundreds of peoples anxiety and stress issues without the aid of medication.

My Natural approach has worked for over 100 different ailments, fears, phobias, illnesses and psychophysiological dis-ease.

In my career I’ve found that most people can be helped in the comfort of their own home through my self coaching products like the one below.

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Frequently Asked Questions ( FAQs )

Is anxiety all in your head?
To answer this question, I’d like to propose René Descartes was incorrect when he said, “only matter can impact matter”. Unfortunately, western medicine still supports his view today. If you go to your doctor, you will be showing physical signs of anxiety (matter). Your doctor will prescribe you some drugs (matter), how is that working out for you?? You’ll probably find that it works for a short period, then your anxiety increases, and the doctor will increase your dose! Now, if you follow my proposition, we need a better way. What about this……. Information can impact matter. Think about it! More and more scientists are coming around to the idea that our thoughts impact our body. So, to answer your original question of “Is anxiety all in your head”? Yes and no. It’s a psychophysiological condition.
Is anxiety a mental illness?
This author sees anxiety as a barrier to learning, somewhere inside your mind you have learned to fear the future. Think about it for a moment, your subconscious mind is hardwired to keep you safe. The majority of messages that we receive these days, from social and mainstream media are pumped with fear, impacting on us at a below conscious level. If you were to imagine driving along the motorway and your windscreen blacked out, nobody would say you had a mental illness for hitting the brakes or not wanting to go forwards. It’s a natural reaction. We are currently conducting studies to substantiate our claims and rid the world of this mental health pandemic.
How long can anxiety last?
Anxiety can last a lifetime if you never choose to work with it. You can sit and hope that things will get better but you and I both know that with your anxiety in place, this worry only adds to everything else that you’re sat worrying about! Imagine walking from where you are now to a friend’s house, you know the way and you can do it easily. But what if we asked you to walk it wearing a blindfold. Suddenly the simple becomes very difficult. This is precisely what happens with anxiety, the moment we remove the blindfold is the moment your anxiety stops.