A request for help

A few weeks ago I received an email from a colleague who needed a little advice on what to do with a new client. The email discussion is below, names changed to support client confidentiality.



Sorry to disturb you .

This mum called me yesterday, desperate for help . This is a translation of a mail she also sent .

Long and short is they want to admit this kid into a psychiatric institution, they have a assessment on Monday which is why I have agreed to see them this afternoon. In an effort to avoid such a catastrophic event as admitting her to such a place. She has not attended school for some time . If you have time

Have you any thoughts .


The client’s email 

I would like to tell all broadly what is going on.

Left foot was broken end of 2014, it came as rather a small crack in the bone, no major breakages. She then was about 5 weeks in a cast. Afterwards, the foot was healed, but she rarely complained about pain. In November 2015 she re-sprained the same foot and a teacher at school accidentally stepping on. We had a nurse check it. She could find nothing wrong with the foot, so it was particularly important to continue to use the good foot and move. Yet Mary often kept complaining about pain. But at times also seemed nothing at all going on, as there were friends she could eg roam along nicely in the garden and do all the others did, without even once talked about was pain. For us it was very difficult to describe how bad the situation was to be reviewed now; one time awful lot of pain, sometimes nothing seemed wrong. Because I’m on a good foot reflexologist who underlying nevertheless also could handle emotional blockages, it seemed like a good idea to let him look at Mary’s feet look. After all, I suspect a number of blocked flows, with Mary and I tried to avoid her from one doctor to another to walk (in addition to foot problems even though nearly two years persistent nausea, abdominal pain, headache, pale, dark circles under her eyes , constant colds) You just saw his whole her that she was fighting against everything, and that her body still hit avenue exhausted. It has since been discovered lactose intolerance, so for a while we thought there was a solution, but over time just the symptoms came back. Her dad and I have gone out of each other in the summer of 2013, which has been for her when hugely poignant.

That foot reflexologist could barely get her foot, but still tried foregoing release to get the blockades. Since then it has actually gone from bad to worse, until we eventually desperate have let us persuade it to give a cortisone injection (again on the advice of another doctor). That happened to 29 January, and since then she is not, she is in a wheelchair. Afterwards we have gone further research on pediatric orthopedics. There is a bone scan taken at 5/2 which showed that no more blood flow in the left foot, the diagnosis that we then afterworld was a cold dystrophy. There followed a week of alternating baths in order to bring back on story the blood flow passageway, and heavy analgesia (5 x Nurofen, 3 x Perdolan and 3x per day tramadol). Nothing helped the pain got worse from day to day.

Monday 15/2 we have entered the emergency because she was not calm anymore. There they remained four days since geist honor we are back home because they can do nothing further more in the hospital for us (their words). They suggest rehabilitation Pulderbos, but we would rather try even second opinions and alternative methods … It is quite a story, but we are a bit desperate. I was already wondering whether NLP might mean nothing to her. Finally, it is about the autonomic nervous system that keeps on giving incentives where it is not needed.
My Reply

Hi Coach,

What is happening with her parents?  Do not go near her bad foot!!!

A foot pain is about having difficulty dealing or understanding the self and others, so something is happening ???

Focus on the foot that works make sure mum is not in the room, just the 2 of you.

Talk to her good foot and appreciate how strong she is, being able to support all of you when a part of you is hurting deep inside….

Please, please, please do not mention the Bad foot….just focus on the good one and ask at the end if the good foot can ask the rest of her if she would like to come back and have some more time to gain more understanding?

The problem has been there for a few years, the original foot accident was the ‘knock or the shock’ that allowed her pain or call for help, to come to the surface.

An ill child pulls parents together…. x

The coach replied

Hi Matt,

It turns out that mum and dad have been separated for over 2 years and there is no signs of a reconciliation, yet one of them has been telling the daughter that there is.

The work continues…

My Reason for posting this?

Many people are suffering with living in the 21st century. Dis-ease in any context of your life may cause disease in another part of your life or even within your physical being, so do yourself a favour and get some help.