Private Coaching

Let Matt guide you to mental and physical freedom

£400 per hour

"Who, exactly, seeks out a coach?... Winners who want even more out of life"

Chicago Tribune

Private Coaching Features:

Safely be guided through your subconscious mind to free up emotional traumas without the need to feel the emotion.

Directly reprogram your mind with subconscious self-healing.

Set yourself free from old limiting patterns of stress and pain with a powerful mind-body reboot .

Often a single session is sufficient to clear significant trauma and lifelong issues which have been holding you back.

Can be conducted in person or online.

Watch Sue’s remarkable recovery:

Matt’s private coaching sessions have had a deep and profound impact on people with a wide range of phobias, fears and limits on life. When the mind is free to relax the body can heal itself naturally and free up energy to feel the fun in life again.

Talk to Matt to see how quickly he could help you feel free