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Welcome to my Partner Program

My matt hudson partner program allows you to EARN MONEY INSTANTLY TO YOUR PAYPAL account for GENUINELY HELPING PEOPLE who WILL ENJOY MY PRODUCTS.

How do I know this?

In the 17 years I have owned and operated matthudson.com I have had 4 refund requests.

My private coaching sessions have had a deep and profound impact on people with a wide range of phobias, fears and limits on life.

When the mind is free to relax the body can heal itself naturally and free up energy to feel the fun in life again.

My digital downloads are my specially designed coaching on a recording that someone can listen to when ever they want or need.

Now you can help me help others and get money instantly in your paypal account!

My private coaching sessions cost £400 for an hour so if 1 download is 30 minutes and costs £29.99! thats a saving of £170.01 if they listen to it just once.

If my customer completes the 30 day recommended course of 1 session per day they have saved themselves £5,970.01

And its so easy you just have to promote 1 of my best converting offers:

The proccess is the same for either offer

1. Signup using the button below

2. Connect your Paypal

3. Use the link to give away the download

4. A Cookie will be placed on their device to record the visit

5. If a sale is made Paypal will automatically put your share in your account.

6. You get 30% on digital products and 20% on physical products

Cronic No More

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