Online Coaching

Our Online Coaching Offering Our Services In The Comfort of Your Home

Over the last twelve months, I have been using Skype to see my clients, and it’s fantastic for both of us. The traffic and travel problems that go with a busy 21st-century lifestyle are now no longer a barrier to coaching. A simple click through on your Skype to mine and we are in business; I love it but what’s more important so do my clients. You may have a very busy lifestyle and would love to have the chance of sharpening your mind, but how on earth can you fit in coaching in your busy life? Well, now you can simply email me set up an appointment and then Skype me it’s an excellent alternative, and it's still facing to face.

Most people have computers or laptops with either a built in mic and camera or the inexpensive bought variety.

Although I do suggest using a head mic for better quality.

Top 10 Benefits of coaching or therapy online with Skype

Leaping into the depths of your mind.

1. Skype is free! It doesn’t get any better than that!

2. NO Traveling time to and from sessions, saving you more money and time!
3. Why settle for a mediocre coach? When you can choose the best from a global marketplace.
4. If you go on holiday or out of town on business, you can still maintain your coaching support.
5. Optimum state of mind – by choosing your environment to be coached from, you are automatically in a more receptive mind-set so that you can get faster results.
6. If you travel a lot on business, you can call from your location when you need to.

7. If you suffer from agoraphobia or are uncomfortable talking to a stranger one to one in their office.
8. Skype coaching saves you coaching time as there is no sit-down and get the comfortable period; you can begin coaching right away!
9. You have complete control of the situation, which is ideal for creating ultra confidence.
10. Skype Coaching can fit into, even the busiest life style commitments.

How Skype Coaching can work for you

After you email me, now, you can arrange a time for your appointment.

I suggest that we both prepare for the session a few minutes before the appointment time to relax so that we both make the most of the session.

You Skype me at the arranged time.

I suggest we both have pen and paper for making important notes.

Privacy is assured, and the session commences for approximately one hour.

You can have your personal coach starting today. It’s so simple!