Mr Angry is still Mr Happy many years later

Meeting Mr Angry Many Years Later

Yesterday Sonya Hudson, Risaria Langley and Tony Macdonald met up in Spice FM to talk about beliefs, with the irrepressible Doctor Anand (The Doc).

The talk begins with how Tony and I met and then we wonder into all things around beliefs and values. When I say 'wonder' I mean it, as there is a lot of wisdom floating around between the folk in the studio.

Tony did his first NLP Neurolinguistic Programming training with us back in 2007 where this highly respected, martial arts teacher and practitioner of Chinese body work had a problem that was bubbling just below the surface. Rage.

When I pointed out to him that his non-verbal communication was threatening others and reminded him that he was the teacher of selfdefense, he elected to work with letting go of this drain on his energy. The whole session took minutes and if you watch the video you will see just how easy it is to sort out your anger issues, with Simple NLP techniques.

Anger Management with Simple NLP (My English has improved greatly since this time and for those who don't know what I sound like this is the Geordie Accent)