Map of the Mind

Exactly how do you perceive reality?

Inside your mind is a very clever set of filters based on your own experiences, beliefs and values. You might not realise it but you don’t perceive reality, instead you see your own version of it.

Understanding how you mind distorts, twists and changes sensory inputs is key to knowing who you really are.

Understanding the Map

  • 1. We are born into a universe of infinite possibilities.
  • 2. Our identity is a result of choices whether taken or given to you. Always wear the invisible crown – be proud of who you are!
  • 3. Beliefs and Values – if your identity is a chair then beliefs and values are the legs, without which your identity fails.

The Map of Your Reality



. False Evidence Appearing Real (FEAR) – The amygdala is primed to maintain yesterday. All you have to do is keep repeating the past because if you’re here now then yesterday worked. This is why change is so difficult and clients will self-sabotage in an effort to stay on their map (safely and chemically addicted to the known).


Confusion and chaos sit at the doorway to enlightenment. You cannot be confused about something you know nothing about. Often clients will hover between confusion and fear; some people call it marriage! The way through confusion is to add more confusion, then double it.


Generalisation, Deletion and Distortion sit within the Screen. In 1957 Noam Chomsky proposed that there is no such thing as reality, we delete, distort and generalise information in order to make sense of the world around us. These filters if not checked can create untold problems for human beings.


Excellent pattern for learning, once you have understood what a door is then you are able to generalise other doors work on the same principles. A phobia is a generalisation, one dog bit me so all dogs are bad. Making 1 or 2 experiences = every experience.


Deletion is the brains spam filter causing us to overlook or omit information. The brain processes around 0.1 quadrillion information bytes per second. The human body sends 11 million bytes per second to the brain for processing, yet the conscious mind seems to be able to process only 50 bytes per second.


Distortion is our ability to be creative or hallucinate, for one you will get a medal, for the other a long sleeved jacket that ties at the back. This too can create many problems for human beings as a distorted reality can land them in trouble e.g. a stalker has a twisted perception believing that they have some sort of connection with the person they are stalking.

All of these filters are running to maintain the status quo.

New Information – any new information that challenges or threatens the status quo automatically engages the amygdala. Amygdala responses to this threat may be: Fight, Flight, Fail, Feast, Famine, Flock, Flop, Fornicate, Fit, Fawn

Comfortable not knowing – the optimum state of being, this allows for a return to infinite possibilities. The majority of people are uncomfortable not knowing and that is why they stay trapped on their map. A coherent whole, at one with body, mind, spirit and the universe. 

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