The Map of the Mind©

The Map of The Mind by Matt Hudson - Understanding How The Unconscious Mind Really Works

  1. You are born into a world of infinite possibilities as you begin to grow your mind fills your brain with learning things to avoid and things to enjoy. All of which will appear on an invisible screen in front of you.
  2. By about 5 to 7 years of age your conscious mind is now forming and being run on the beliefs you have around who you are. Your invisible screen is filling up with experiential examples, for you to run to or away from.
  3. This will have an impact about how much you value yourself.
  4. Your unconscious mind uses fear (False Evidence Appearing Real) to prevent you from changing any of your original input or learning.
  5. Anything that threatens to change who you are will be deleted, distorted and generalised out of existence, to support your self-image/ identity. This is why it is so difficult to change. See The Sabotage Game
  6. Milton Erickson said that “any explanation is a therapeutic mistake” Matt uses confusion as the key to client interventions and breakthroughs. “Confusion is the step before enlightenment”
  7. The main challenge you face is moving through the stages of 'fear' and 'confusion' many people can revolve in this position for years and years, never being free, to live your own life.
  8. Family Rules - the rules that you pick up when you are a child are apt to drive you when you are an adult. Some may be wonderful and allow you to live a fruitful, fulfilling life, whilst others may cause you to be destructive and unhappy.
  9. R.D Laing suggested that these 'rules' were knots or binds inside your mind. Try to follow his convoluted logic below:
        I never got what I wanted.
        I always got what I did not want.
        What I want I shall not get.

    Therefore, to get it I must not want it
    since I get only what I don't want.

    what I want, I can't get
    what I get, I don't want

    I can't get it because I want it
    I get it because I don't want it.

    I want what I can't get because
    what I can't get is what I want

    I don't want what I can get
    what I can get is what I don't want

    I never get what I want
    I never want what I get.

    10. The final step is the state of 'being comfortable not knowing'. Just allowing yourself to experience life as it comes, in the moment, not expecting or projecting but simply receiving life as it Just is!