“Thought defines who you are today and can sabotage who you could be tomorrow.” – Matt Hudson

A Fair Warning

This isn’t just another self-help course, this is an alarm clock! It’s a wake up call to ignite you and drive you into fully engaging in a wonderful life!

As the title of this course suggests, the lessons within these web pages are about the Saboteur Within you and me, otherwise known as “your unconscious mind.” The outcome, after taking this course, is that you will have a practical guidebook that enables you to go beyond the limits your mind has created for you.

There are millions of people on this planet, many of whom will shuffle off at the expiration of their life, never having truly awoken and lived their life with purpose. “There’ll be plenty of time to sleep at the other end,” my dad used to say. That was back when a much younger me was intent on lying in my bed for another hour while the whole universe was there for the taking, just on the other side of my bedroom door!

My experience working with clients over many, many years has been a constant reminder of the profound wisdom of my dad’s words. It is through their stories (naturally, all names and identifying information has been changed in this course,) and my own insights and awakenings along the way, that I hope to bring you into consciousness.

I had been sleeping far too long and now; watch out world, because I am wide-awake! Little did I know the incredible journey that awaited me. I wonder what adventures you will encounter on the other side of your own bedroom door. Are you excited to find out?

So, toward that end, I offer you my perspective on the purposeful life.

The Power of Your Unconscious Mind

“To the mind that is still, the whole universe surrenders.” – Lao Tzu

As you wander through this course with me I’d like you to be aware that some of the client stories might touch a nerve or two for you and this is where you can focus your energy to help you to awaken and change. If you have had this course bought for you, then, after reading it, ask the person who gave you it which client stories remind them of you? You may be surprised at what you learn here.

Privacy Disclaimer

And before we go any further, I have not only changed the names of my clients, I’ve also changed their job roles, their relationships, and where necessary I’ve changed their disease, sex and age, all to avoid any of you recognising them.

Your Unconscious Mind Wants to Keep You Safe

This course holds many metaphors for change within it and your unconscious mind will know which will have the most beneficial effects upon you. I will liken your mind to a best friend, I’m sure that you have or have had a friend you would normally share secrets with, telling them things that are very important to you? But what happens when you have a fall out and you are not friends anymore? You can be left vulnerable because that ex-friend is in possession of your innermost secrets and therefore has power over you that they might use against you.

Well, your unconscious mind knows all of your deepest secrets, it even keeps them from you, and it does this in order to keep you safe. I know it sounds ridiculous, to think that there is a part of you that knows more about you than you do, but that’s the plain and simple truth of the matter. Your innermost secrets are guarded ferociously by your very own Saboteur, who will use your fears against you in order that you remain safe and un-changed.

The Answers Are Within You

Let me assure you, straight off, that you have all of the answers, or rather, your unconscious mind does. No matter what your presenting issue is the answers are within you. My task is to remind you of the answers, reminding you that you have just forgotten for a while and you can look forward to a time, in your future, when you can look back to now, having realised that you have remembered who you truly are.

You see the problem isn’t that you don’t want to change. The problem is that often, when you try to change, you sabotage yourself and that means taking this course and doing the exercises a couple of times over, so that you can understand the highest intentions that your Saboteur looks to uphold for you.

Oh! Just in case I forget to mention it, every now and again I will use hypnotic language here and there to speak directly to your spirit, so if you find yourself puzzled every now and then, well done, that’s right, you are doing it beautifully…

As we move forwards together, through the course, you will notice that some of the client stories can be very emotive for you whilst others are nice to know but really have no reason for you to buy into them, right now. And yet tomorrow or who knows when, that extra insight might be just what you need to draw strength from. The course is structured to give you specific details about how your unconscious mind works and how it can effortlessly sabotage your health, wealth, relationships and your life, full stop.

How to Get the Most From this Course

Throughout all the lessons in this course you will find quizzes to test your knowledge and exercises for you to participate in. If you are considering changing your life and evolving, then you had better get used to the idea of working with a friend or coach. The reason behind this will be apparent to you as you read on through the course.

Basically, in order for you to make a shift you first have to overcome your Saboteur, and to achieve that, you will need someone who is on the outside of both you and the problem to give you feedback as you carry out the exercises.

Do write out the exercises, you will be surprised when you look back after a month or two to see what you had written. I have composed various explanations to help you to experience the world as I do, although I have given you my answers, only you have control over your understanding.

“For those who understand, no explanation is necessary; for those who don’t understand, no explanation is possible” – [adapted from] Thomas Aquinas

Yes, sure you can do this course on your own and get good results, but what if the very thing you want to change about you is obvious to your friends and you can’t see it?

The Saboteur Within versus Lasting Change

With that in mind I’d like to tell you about a good friend of mine who runs a gym. He is always amazed at the clients who come in and sign-up for a three-year membership. Why? Because after three weeks about 75% of them stop coming altogether. And after about three months, he’s down to about 4% of those original members. He calls it “sleeping” money because he doesn’t have to do anything about it after the initial two to three week flurry is over, except sleep and watch the money come in.

You might be wondering about his moral obligations but after thirty years in the health and fitness industry he knows that no matter what he does; personal training; one to one; telephoning you to encourage you to come along, he’s tried them all! He knows the age old saying is true, “You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make him drink,” so, here he is today having to accept money for a service that he knows he won’t be able to deliver because his new clients will sabotage themselves. “Every now and again someone just gets it! And they transform their life.” He says, “If I could bottle what they have, I could change the world!” Well reader, here is your bottle, drink deeply.

Just consider for a moment: why in the world would anyone join a gym and immediately sign up for a three-year membership? It’s human nature, of course. We’re so excited about losing weight, about shaping up, about changing our lives that if one year is good, then two years is better; and if two years is better, then three years is best! The only problem is; our motivation to change rarely lasts three weeks, let alone three years.

When’s the most popular time to sell a three-year gym membership? January, of course! After all, it’s the time for New Year’s resolutions, for doing what we know is best for our mind, body and soul.

It’s also the time when our conscious mind is strongest. After all, we’re fresh from a solid week of holiday eating; we’re lazy from the winter weather and soft from taking it too easy for too long. What’s more, we consciously know that if we don’t make some kind of healthy change in the beginning of the year, we’re likely not to make it anytime this year.

So, it’s off to the gym we go, fighting the first of the year’s crowds and burning our bodies sore until we drop from exhaustion back home on the couch. We can keep it up for another few days perhaps, burning a hole in our new track suits and wearing down our spiffy new training shoes and then… and then… reality hits.

That old voice starts creeping into our heads again, telling us:

  • “This’ll never work!”
  • “You’re not cut out for this!”
  • “You don’t belong here!”
  • “You’re too old!”
  • “Let’s go back home and have some tea!”
  • “You’re too busy at work/with the kids”

Who is The Saboteur Within?

You know that voice, don’t you? It’s the sound you’ve been hearing all your life. Often you want to change, to grow, to learn, to reach, to stretch. And what happens? You get all excited about that new gym membership, that new class, that new boyfriend or girlfriend, that new job, and your conscious mind takes over, for a day or two at least.

Then the voice creeps in, sabotaging all your plans, making you feel weak, insecure, ineffective and out of place. You fight it for as long as you can, struggling against your nature to succeed until, eventually, it wins out; as it always must – the little voice “wins” and that is that. No more gym, no more track suit, no more trainers.

Until next January, that is; and the cycle starts all over again.

Well, I’m here to tell you that that tiny little voice has a name: your unconscious mind (your very own Saboteur). And if that tiny little voice sounds anxious, envious, unhappy or any other emotion that’s because… it is your emotions!

Your unconscious wants your life to remain on whatever course you are currently travelling on, always travelling along the path of least resistance, believing that you are perfect just the way you are! So the more you try to change, the more opposition you will encounter. And you are up against your most powerful ally.

How has Your Saboteur Become so Powerful?

How has your Saboteur become so powerful? It’s because your unconscious mind is like a wall that’s been built up brick by brick, minute by minute, month by month, year after year – for decades. It doesn’t matter if you’re 15 years old, your unconscious mind has spent the entire time crafting a careful universe where every hope, dream, desire, pain, anguish and fear have laid the foundations of your beliefs and values.

These “beliefs” and “values,” then become the solid bricks with which your unconscious mind builds the very wall that you will one day find yourself trapped inside.

And the older you get, the higher the wall; and the harder it becomes to change… well… anything! However, cheer up! Please, remember that no matter how difficult it might seem to overcome your beliefs and values, you do rule over your universe and your unconscious is always ready to replace tough old bricks for flexible new ones.

Within this course I hope to show you how to change:

  • Your job
  • Your weight
  • Your income
  • Your relationship status
  • Your life!

Why would your unconscious mind build this wall in the first place? Isn’t it there to help? Of course it is! The fact is; your unconscious mind is simply trying to protect you, from anything that challenges your status quo. It has created a world that is safe, that is placid, that is routine, and that is – above all else – comfortable. And it wants it to stay that way.

What’s more, it thinks it knows best! So when you try something new, when you try to change, it will cause you to fail, swat you down and “sabotage” you because you can’t possibly know all that it does about what’s best for you.

How Does The Saboteur Within Operate?

This course is called The Saboteur Within. Why? Because that’s what your unconscious mind is; a Saboteur Within. Its main job, all day long, every day – even when you’re sleeping and unaware – is to “protect” you by building up that wall, that barrier, against anything new, unexpected or challenging.

And every time your conscious mind makes a stand, takes initiative and tries to overpower the unconscious – by joining a gym, going up for that promotion, asking someone out on a date – The Saboteur Within actively and openly begins to wage war against the new, the sudden and the unexpected.

How? By sabotaging it, plain and simple. It does so by planting doubt in your mind, by reminding you of the sets of beliefs and values that were created by you when you were small and your mind was wide open to suggestions back then.

Your unconscious will seek to reinforce this outdated and often distorted image you have of yourself. These beliefs and values are so strong that in many cases you will fail to maintain the change that you so desperately desire. Why? Because that’s just how the unconscious mind – The Saboteur Within – is.

What is the most powerful weapon in the unconscious mind’s arsenal? Fear; plain and simple. All your unconscious has to do to sabotage any new or unique or challenging idea your conscious mind has, is to introduce a little healthy fear into the equation; the minute it does, most of us fold – just like that.

But fear represents unlimited opportunity. You live, for the most part, inside a very small box; we all do. That box contains all the routines, all the presumptions, all the assumptions, all the beliefs and values we have about who we are.

That box says:

  • “You’re not handsome enough to ask her out.”
  • “You’re not smart enough to get that new job.”
  • “If you got an ‘A,’ then the test must have been too simple.”
  • “Face it, you’re fat and you always will be!”

Who built the mental box that holds you back? You did, of course; or, more specifically, your unconscious mind did to keep you safe and away from danger. What’s outside the box? The unknown, and your unconscious thinks that it’s better for you to stay with everything that you know; even if it’s an abusive relationship with someone or with yourself, via drugs, alcohol, smoking, obesity, etc, because you know what they are and you can be comfortable within your un-comfortableness. 

Positive Transformation Lies Outside The Comfort Zone

Even if your situation is very obviously limiting, it is the known and familiar, and that is what your unconscious has been told to do, keep you safe and away from the unknown (danger) at all costs. It is your fear of the unknown that will hold you prisoner.

A friend of mine, called Stuart, is a district judge and he told me about a woman who after twenty years of marriage filed for divorce. The woman told Stuart, who was a young solicitor at the time, that her husband had beaten her up every Friday night since they first got married. She said that he would return from the pub and promptly attack her. Stuart said that she had an unquestionable reason for divorcing him, but the woman said that that wasn’t the reason for her seeking a divorce. Believe it or not, what had triggered her into taking action was the fact that, “recently he has started going out on a Saturday night and giving me the same treatment when he comes home and that won’t do at all!”

The Friday night beatings were known and part of a familiar pattern, something she had learned to live with. The Saturday night beatings were different and a challenge to the status quo, finally bringing her out of her comfort zone. In the chaos and confusion that was created by this change, she found the wherewithal to make a positive transformation in her life and was able to access the many more, infinite possibilities that existed outsider her abusive marriage. If only that lady knew what else is outside the box, she could have saved herself years and years of pain and misery. Some people would sooner die than change.

Opportunity; and lots of it is just around the next bend, if you are willing to go beyond your comfort zone? The more you step outside the box, the more fear you face, the more opportunity you will encounter – and the more likely you’ll be to live the life you’ve always dreamed of!

This course is going to show you how to break out of your box, to tear down those walls and conquer the fear that’s been holding you back. So far you’ve been outnumbered. The conscious mind is the tip of the iceberg; it accounts for about 5% of your daily thoughts. The other 95%? That’s all the unconscious mind; that’s all you hear, all day long, telling you “no” instead of “yes” and “don’t” instead of “do.”

To date you have been powerfully outnumbered, but no more. You will, by the end of this course, realise that knowing and understanding your problems doesn’t change anything. Only through harnessing the power of the unconscious mind will you take control of your life. Every lesson you learn will be another step out of the box the unconscious has built for you every day since you were born.

Every lesson you take will help you take control back; control of your body, your mind, your soul… your very life. It may be challenging, but I promise you this: it will be simple. The good news is that all the tools you need to live the life of your dreams are already in your possession. The better news is, this course will help you find them and then by learning to use them will fully equip you to deal with your inner Saboteur.