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Finally, we’ve come to the end of our journey! But don’t fret; this is the best lesson of all. Why? Because this is where you learn to keep your friends close, and your enemy closer! This course has not been about killing off your Saboteur, or beating him/her into submission; use him for your own …

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Lesson 7: A Limited Self-Belief

“Where belief is painful we are slow to believe.” – Ovid “I can’t….” “I shouldn’t…” “I mustn’t…” “I wouldn’t…” “I won’t…” “I didn’t…” “I don’t…” Why is it that we always revert back to what we can’t do versus what we can? What we didn’t do versus what we did? It’s because the Saboteur Within …

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“Thought defines who you are today and can sabotage who you could be tomorrow.” – Matt Hudson A Fair Warning This isn’t just another self-help course, this is an alarm clock! It’s a wake up call to ignite you and drive you into fully engaging in a wonderful life! As the title of this course …

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