Now they really do come with a manual

When I was a child I often heard grown ups chatting about the problems they faced bringing up their children. There would be tea, cakes and lots of talking. The final sentence would always be an acknowledgement to the mums and dads who were present and conclude with a big sigh from the speaker “Aye! They don’t come with a manual!”

Many years later when I became a father, I searched for such a book, thinking that by now, it must be in existence? But it wasn’t. Don’t get me wrong there are hundreds of good parenting books out there, but I wanted one that allowed me to have a go at raising my children too, as the literature seemed to lean heavily towards mothers.

Father, day, son.

I figured to be a better dad, then I needed better influences, so bit-by-bit, over the years I have saved tiny gems that my three sons have given me. Alongside behavioral changers, client stories and all manner of therapeutic interventions. All of which I have merged with the sage like wisdom of my very dear friend and colleague Paul Dearlove.

The book is a very practical manual, whilst also being filled with metaphors to help parents and carers reach their kids on a conscious and unconscious level. Oh by the way, did I mention that I am also a hypnotherapist?

So, if you’re a parent, carer, therapist or teacher who would like to know how to engage youngsters, better influence their behaviors or just want to create more fun at home or in the classroom, then I am glad to be able to tell you that ‘KIDS – now they come with a manual’ is here.

Due for launch October 2014