Is That Why You Do This?

When you were a child there were probably some rules that your parents or caregivers placed upon you. Like for example “don’t talk to strangers”. This rule will keep you safe when you are 5 years old and out in the big bad world, but what if you are 35 years old and your mind is unconsciously obeying this long forgotten directive.

These family Rules are to be the subject of Matt Hudson’s new book “Is That Why You Do This”. Being a coach I can help you.

Family Rules okay?

When the work is completed you will be sent your very own copy of the book that aims to set you free from your past.

The book will cover:

  • Drivers for Low Self-esteem
  • Poor Self-worth and Self-confidence.
  • The rules that free you
  • The rules that trap you

The rule transformation process

Matt has worked with this process for many years in his workshops and he has even shown to groups how your mind will delete distort and generalise anything that challenges the below conscious rule structure.

“When a rule is in conflict a person will not be able to hear or see what it is, they will simply feel confused!” Matt Hudson