Hypnotherapy by Matt Hudson: Hypnosis, what is it and how does it work?

Why hypnosis can be dangerous if used by an amateur

What you might be expecting!

I have over twenty years experience using hypnosis to effect change in men, women, children and I have even hypnotised a duck that was scared of water, on a live tv broadcast. My skills have also been applied within:

  • The National Health Service - communication strategies, Conversational Decoding©, laughter workshops for health and stress management, chronic pain solutions, speaker at health conferences
  • Education - communication strategies, accelerated learning, better classroom management, school phobia and various applications of behaviour management, speaker at educational conferences, international trainer.
  • Business - one to one executive coaching, team building, sales training, negotiations, recruitment, laughter workshops for stress management, customer service, Conversational Decoding©, speaker at business conferences and seminars. Creator of the Universal Sales Model ©(U.S.M) release date: Autumn 2014.
  • Personal - phobias of all kinds, allergies, irrational fears and anxieties, I.B.S, depression, chronic pain, dis-ease of the mind (which can cause many wierd and wonderful illnesses) relationships - getting together, staying together, ending and bereavement.
  • Professional - Amazon No.1 international best selling author on the subject of hypnosis, hypnotherapy, NLP and HNLP. Business Daily columnist - how your thinking impacts on your business.

It is a state of mind where the unconscious thoughts, yearnings and emotions are focused upon a desired outcome, that the conscious mind seeks to attain.

You could say that whenever you want to change anything in your life, you will find it difficult without the “whole” of you being in full agreement about the change. It allows you to access the boardroom of your mind and create the necessary agreements.

Why it shouldn't be scary...

Some people have the perception that hypnosis is scary.

A trance is a very normal and natural state, people who think it is scary usually do not understand what a trance is, so they fear the unknown. When you access a hypnotic state of mind you will find yourself relaxed and at ease.

Can anyone be hypnotised?

In my experience I would say that if an individual is motivated to do something then he or she can be hypnotised, I would also add that all trance work is 100% self-trance. You are in control and you are guided to your desired destination, rather like a taxi driver a good hypnotherapist, will get you to where you want to go. The only thing that gets in the road of a good session is the relationship between the client and the therapist, which is the same in all therapies, rapport, congruence and authenticity build trust. This 'trust', I believe, is key to the therapeutic relationship and the driver for change.

What does “Trance” mean?

“Trance” is an abbreviation of “Transderivational Search”

The simple version - 'Lights on but nobody home' 'a penny for your thoughts' 'day dreaming' are all the sort of things people might say to you if they see that you have wandered off inside your mind.

The intelectual version - “Trance” is a fundamental part of human language and cognitive processing. Arguably, every word or utterance a person hears, for example, and everything they see or feel and take note of, results in a very brief trance while a search is carried out to establish a contextual meaning for it.

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