The Hudson Mind Process

Matt is a rebel and healthier, happier people are his cause.

Matt life’s work is underpinned by a simple principle: a great deal of learning can happen as we grow and experience life, and sometimes events leave emotional memory images or barriers to learning that impact on us negatively. All of our behaviours are useful so long as we can find the context for them to fit; under lighthearted, instructive teaching/coaching conditions the Hudson Mind Process helps you, the learner, to discover the origin of your trouble, remove your barrier to learning and then realise a better way to be.

After almost 25 years diligently studying the consilience amongst Linguistics, Psychology, Ethology, Physiology, Cognitive Science, Quantum Physics, Neuroscience and Education, Matt has produced a humanistic approach to a healthier, happier life, outside of the Matrix.

By converging the work of:

How your ability to adapt to the situations life throws at you is key to optimal health. You must challenge the status quo only dead fish swim with the current.

A model that clearly depicts why you do the things you do and how to change.
Using over 100 years of documented research that points to emotions and the deregulation of the HPA-axis to be involved in almost all psychological and physiological conditions.
Evidencing the holographic workspace that sits outside of the body within the human biofield. The missing link, the cause of HPA-axis deregulation. “The Holy Grail” as one trauma specialist puts it, or the next natural step in human evolution as the External Screen Model answers ‘WHY’ our neurology reacts the way it does.

The Hudson Mind Process reconciles psychological, philosophical and neuroscientific ideas into a single model that can apply in multiple contexts including therapeutic, business and education.

Discover how Matt’s work can support your transformation.