How the Unconscious Mind Works

Have Your Ever Wondered How Your Unconscious Mind Really Works?

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Now there are many books on the the subject of the mind and the brain so I I would like to invite you to

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If you presume that there is an invisible screen in front of you, upon which your world appears. Now, If you can humour me here I think that you will notice how you construct your own reality.


What you recognise outside of yourself is what you are inside, otherwise how would you know what it was.

So what you see outside of you is really you.

The moment a projection or judgement about someone or something else comes into consciousness, it is your perception.

Remember, what other people do is what other people do:

What you do with it is all yours.

People in your life will act the way you unconsciously want them to act. You get what you focus on, so focus on what you want and project on to others the way you want to be yourself!

I'll do some more of these little movies over the coming months.