HNLP by Matt Hudson: Humanistic Neurolinguistic Psychology

Why should you take Humanistic Neuro-Linguistic Psychology (HNLP) training instead of Neuro Linguistic Programming?

Helping you to change your perspective!

The humanistic approach within HNLP is a core driver for the professional communicator. Taking you beyond the basics of techniques and a systematic process, into the realms of coaching and systemic therapeutic mastery. Many people helpers move to the paradigm as the humanistic, psychological approach creates a far more fulfilling connection for both the practitioner and the client.

When I first took my NLP training in the 1990’s; I remember thinking, “where is the heart?” I was a hypnotherapist and, therefore used to working with the client, in a mind, body, spiritual way; NLP for me personally was a sequence of patterns and strategies, which I felt did not encompass the innate power that each of us have at our core.

Virginia Satir, one of the original models for the NLP process, was reported to have felt the same way, thinking it to be more of a manipulative process, rather than a basis for nurturing human potential. If I had to describe the difference between NLP and HNLP I would say that NLP is now a box ticking exercise for many companies to send their staff, and as my dad would always say "if you see a band wagon it's too late" meaning that the NLP market has become so diluted that the quality of the training is dubious at many schools. If taught well, NLP will give you tools, knowledge and the attitude to use it.

The other flip of the coin, encourages you to develop as a fully functioning human being, where you can discover not only knowledge, skills and attitude but, moreover the wisdom of knowing when to apply your learning. Think about this for a moment....if you do the right thing at the wrong time is it still right or is it just the same as doing the wrong thing at the right time? Life Just is...

HNLP being comfortable in your own space

It celebrates what it means to be a fully functioning human being, all you are is change and change is all you are.The ‘P’ is for Psychology seeking to understand psychological underpinnings of behaviours as apposed to ‘Programming’ where the person is treat almost like a computer with a fault, rather than someone who is working towards self-actualisation.

The Map of the Mind©

The Map of the Mind© of the mind fits beautifully with this methodology and allows you to see how the environment you are, or were in, can be the original driver for many of your undesirable behaviours, unwanted habits and irrational feelings. Looking closely at your verbal and non-verbal language and that of others, you will be able to detach from old mental patterns and create fulfilling relationships with others and yourself.

Korzybski (1958) argues that every person has his or her unique configuration of whatever they intend to say or portray, and that understanding the non-verbal cues facilitates the dialogue or understanding of the unconscious mind of the client. Positing that ‘The map is not the territory it represents’ Korzybski could have been talking about coaching. Each session on the surface is similar in structure but then, each individual client’s map of his or her internal world, is uniquely different and personal. Likewise, the territory of the coaching process, which itself is a subjective environment being created by both the coach and the client.

The Map of the Mind© highlights the below conscious process of the mind and the motivation for transforming limiting beliefs and unwanted behaviours, or resisting change out the fear of the unknown.

“HNLP coaching is the art of conversationally creating a context for change to occur naturally … More specifically: It is a professional, confidential relationship between two people based upon openness, honesty and integrity, with the intention of assisting the client in living a congruent and fulfilling life based upon their values, goals and outcomes.” -John Overdurf & Julie Silverthorn-

Who will be training you?

Matt and Sonya Hudson both run a busy private practice, using their skills every day, so that you know, that you are getting the sharpest psychological tools from two very sharp minds.

Living the HNLP dream

As a husband and wife team, they are uniquely positioned to work with all human conditions from personal, family, health, education and relationship issues, to all levels of business coaching, sales and negotiating. 'The definitive guide to overcoming self sabotage' adds an unrivalled dimension to a magical development path.

Why become an HNLP Practitioner?

Life has many challenges. The training will give you the flexibility of your own mind, in order that you may make better choices, for yourself and others. Alternatively you may have done NLP training and still need more.

What’s covered in the 7 day Practitioner Training?

  1. The foundations. An understanding of the original humanistic masters that were studied to create exceptional communication models.
  2. Transforming your beliefs so you can interact differently with the world around you.
  3. The Map of the Mind© communication model to enhance your powers of persuasion and influence.
  4. Uncovering the inhibiters to your life journey and altering them to become powerful drivers for change.
  5. Why NLP doesn't always work and how a more holistic approach can.
  6. Quantum theory and our interconnectedness with everything and everyone.
  7. Practice, practice and more practice.

No matter what you think you are....

HNLP a humanistic path

... you are always more

Basic Presuppositions:

1. No matter what you think you are, you are always more than that.

We have all the resources we need within us.

2. Reality is a construction.

The map is not the territory. You get what you focus on.

3. Reality and meaning are created through relationships.

Things exist by virtue of their mutually consistent relationships.

4. Living is learning.

We can’t not learn. All behaviour is motivated by a positive, self-adaptive intention.

5. Perception is learned.

Memory is an active, synthetic process.

6. Everything and everyone is interconnected.

The material universe is a dynamic web of interrelated events. None of the properties of the web are fundamental. They all follow from properties of the other parts and the overall consistency of their interrelations determines the structure of the entire web. At the quantum level we are one, there are no local causes.