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High Performance Coaching

Matt uses his mental training and coaching methods to support Olympic athletes and world class athletes break records and speed up recovery from injury.

Heading to the Olympics

On the 5th of January 2018, Axelle Mollin, a talented young skier thought her dream of representing Belgium at the Winter Olympics 2022 was lost after a serious accident that required her to be airlifted from the slopes. She was told to rest for up to 6 weeks. After Matt cleared the trauma from Axelle’s screen, her pain vanished, her headache was gone and she was walking again. Just 3 days later she won her first race. Axelle’s dream was back and is becoming a reality as she continues to win consistently.

Faster Recovery From Injury

When 18-year-old goalkeeper Harry Walsh received a double metatarsal fracture during a game, he was told he would be out for at least 8 weeks. This injury can take even longer to be calcified, so that meant the best part of the season gone. In normal circumstances this is the case for everyone, but not for Harry, who after an intervention with Matt’s method, was pain free and match fit in just 5 weeks; a full recovery in less than half the time. A clear screen accelerates healing.

Run Like the Wind

Belgian 200m champion Victor Hofmans had an unusual approach to the big race. During training he was able to run like the wind with both his arms and legs working in harmony. His times were great and all was well, but during the actual main event something changed. The screen inside his biofield created a slight imbalance, which caused Viktor to run with his arms hardly moving – not ideal for a sprinter. Fortunately for him, Matt’s method was able to clear this imbalance and immediately there was a shift in Victor’s performance.