Are you breathing properly?

Some of you may have noticed that I have been very quiet of late, this is because I did not want to add to the noise that is drowning out valuable information about the current COVID-19 crisis, but, now I have the ability to help in my own way.

Yesterday, I spoke to a dear friend of mine who is suffering from COVID-19, she is in hospital and other patients around her are fighting for their lives, too. I was shaken by the sight of this powerful lady, struck down in the midst of this disease. When all of the information coming in tells you your chances of survival are poor, then your chances of survival will be poor. I am not writing this to give you a “the mind is more powerful than any virus” rant.

I am writing to you because another friend of mine has objectively monitored his energy with a fitbit during his recovery from the coronavirus. My friend was able to capture that his energy levels were better when he was listening to the Getting Well Again hypnotic audio that I sent him. So, by going consciously offline and thinking on a below conscious level about being healthier, fitter and stronger he was able to impact his own energy levels. Another way to look at this is instead of thinking about how bad things might get, for 45 minutes a day he was totally focusing his mind on better outcomes, without consciously having to do anything at all. This audio is not a cure, but it has helped. He is now up and about again and has made what looks like a full recovery.

My friend in hospital in listening to the audio 3 times a day and breathing through her nose, as best she can. Last night she had her first full night’s sleep in hospital. If you have a friend, loved one, or just someone that you know who could benefit from improving their immune system at this present time, please forward this post to them.

The Getting Well Again download (usually £29.99) is now completely free, just enter the code: STAYWELL at the checkout.  

If you have a Fitbit and want to monitor yourself, please download Mindstretch (free for 1 month) and tell us about your results.

Let’s all help each other.

Be well,

Lisa & Matt