Learn Self Hypnosis FAQs – Is it real?

Find out in Matt Hudsons FAQs about Self Hypnosis.

The Myths and The Truths!

How self hypnosis works

Self hypnosis works by slowing down your thoughts so that your mind is free to think about what it is you want. Thinking about what you want produces dopamine and other feel good chemicals in your brain. Thinking about what you don’t want creates cortisol and other chemicals that can be destructive if constantly produced over time. Most people think about what they don’t want, this continually keeps your thoughts locked in the negative. Self hypnosis shifts the mindset so that it flows, positive information flows creating a neuro-chemical and neuro-energetic balance between body and mind.

Can self hypnosis be dangerous

Self hypnosis is definitely not dangerous. However, having said that, if you’re constantly telling yourself that you’re going to be ill, worrying and stressing about life this is also a form of self hypnosis. You are the one that is running these thoughts, in the longer term they can be incredibly dangerous and harmful due to the brain producing excessive amounts of cortisol in response to your thoughts. Negative self hypnosis can also produce high levels of adrenaline, this can leave you wired and tired as this excess of neurochemistry keeps flooding your system. This is like sitting in a parked car with one foot on the accelerator and the other on the break. Therefore, self hypnosis is not dangerous if you are focusing and directing your energy towards a positive outcome.

Can self hypnosis work

Self hypnosis always works. If you think about it, your problem isn’t that you need to be hypnotised, the problem is that you need to be de-hypnotised. Self hypnosis is already running your problem, so you need to undo the self hypnosis that you’re already running. Think about your problem! Now, every time you want to ‘not do’ what you keep on doing, your mind hijacks your thoughts, so all of your positive intentions are lost in that moment. Later, when that moment has passed, you start beating yourself up again wishing you’d stuck to the plan. ‘The plan’, however was already set in motion when you were a child and this is the trance of a lifetime. I can de-hypnotise you in order for your self hypnosis to work for you.

Can self hypnosis help you lose weight

All major studies have shown that there is a direct correlation between obesity and emotional trauma. More specifically, adverse childhood experience (ACES) can have a profound effect on the young enquiring mind. Let me give you one example of which there are many, I want to lose weight. Consciously as an adult, that makes perfect sense but unconsciously the mind processes at the level of a five year old child. Therefore the statement “I want to lose weight” can be viewed emotionally, so let’s take this a word at a time. ‘Lose’! Have you ever lost something precious to you? Were you happy about it? Did you proudly tell your friends/family about it? Then when you eventually found it again, remember the relief you felt and the promises you made to yourself never to lose it again! This is how your mind processes loss and lose. Next let’s look at ‘weight’. Wait for what? This is where phonetics comes in, your young mind doesn’t know the difference between weight and wait. I know you’re now thinking “but I’m not young Matt, I’m an overweight adult and I need help“. Believe me when I say this, your mind will always take you to the place that keeps you safe. Here is another example – when upset as a child my parents gave me sweets to cheer me up, when we had celebrations as a child, my parents gave me sweets. The mind says emotions, positive or negative, equal sweets! Sweets can also equal anything sugar based e.g. cake, doughnuts, chocolate etc. We have covered loss and weight, now you should be thinking I want to ‘get rid’ of fat. Getting rid of anything is usually positive and fat is specifically the thing we are looking to get rid of. Becoming slimmer everyday is an affirmation that allows your mind to follow positively and remember, nothing tastes as sweet as slim feels.

Can self hypnosis help depression

If you are currently in a depression I’d like you to consider that you’re already hypnotised. There is a veil around your eyes, so when you’re looking out at the world, your mind is filtering out the sunshine, love and happiness, only allowing in the dark, the shadows and the isolation. We sink into a depression when life feels hopeless and we feel helpless, thinking there is no way out of the current situation. Self hypnosis can help to let more light in, allowing you to shine. Please be aware that self hypnosis won’t change the environment that you’re currently living in but it will give you the courage to do something about it yourself.

Can self hypnosis lower blood pressure
In a word yes. Self hypnosis has been used for centuries to help people adjust the balance of their body and mind. Without getting too technical, setting aside the time each day for a month to redirect your inner voice, is time well spent. Imagine flushing your system once a day with soothing, calming chemicals, that have been specifically designed by the brain to treat and heal your body. How cool will that be? The calming influence of self hypnosis adjusts your neurochemistry which in turn reduces your blood pressure.
Can i self hypnosis myself
Yes you can self hypnosis yourself, it’s just easier if you have a professional to guide you. The challenge for people attempting to hypnotise themselves is more difficult than it seems. This is because your original hypnotic patterns that are creating the behaviours that you want to change were installed when you were a child, by you! Therefore, when you’re writing a self hypnosis script or preparing to wander into a relaxing trance, your mind is always two steps ahead. There are no thoughts you can have that haven’t been filtered before you have them. That is why self hypnosis is so difficult, because you’re already hypnotised! You need to be de-hypnotised so that you can clear the way, and stop stopping yourself from having the life you deserve.
What can self hypnosis be used for
The answer to this question is actually too big to list, self hypnosis has been used successfully for centuries. From helping want to be mothers to conceive to providing pain relief for those who are suffering, the limits for self hypnosis are endless. Enhancing performance in sports, education, life and business. Transforming negative relationships both personal and professional into beautiful partnerships. The real reasoning behind this question is “Matt, I don’t want to say out loud what I want a hand with, so I’m hoping that I can choose from a list without having to say”. This is all well and good, but your mind is doing the choosing! Your mind has chosen the question “what can self hypnosis be used for?” Think about it logically for a moment…..what is your mind doing right now? The scale of the question will create overwhelm, so you won’t be able to make a rational decision. In cases like this I always opt for a stress relief program. The action of choosing the program breaks the procrastination loop that your mind has set. Even though you may be thinking “but I’m not stressed”, if you take just that one program, you are already beginning the pathway to success.
is self hypnosis safe
All hypnosis is self hypnosis. Asking is self hypnosis safe is a bit like asking is sleep safe. People die in their sleep and people die in hypnosis. The question is, who are you afraid to become? The person you want to become may be more powerful, more flexible and much more resilient to you. This can cause you to feel insecure hence asking is it safe. Your mind is set up to keep you safe and in order to do this you have to continually repeat yesterday over and over again. I hope you can see what a tragedy this can be for many who never venture out into the great unknown, forever seeking the safety of the known. If you’re going to see new shores, you must be prepared to lose sight of the old.
is self hypnosis possible
Life is self hypnosis, so if you’re breathing then yes it’s possible. If you think about your problem, it probably seems overwhelming so how can sitting back and relaxing actually make a difference? Hypnosis works by slowing down your thoughts and having your mind focus on the one thing that you want most! Usually when you’re conscious, you try to think about what you want but your mind is so busy with a thousand other thoughts, that your wishes get lost in the noise. The answer is right there inside of you, you just have to get quiet enough to hear it.
is self hypnosis effective
You’re here aren’t you! I think what you meant to say was will self hypnosis be effective for me? If you’re going to get hypnosis to work for you then you’d better learn to be specific because your mind certainly is. The only time self hypnosis is seen as ineffective is when it hasn’t been used correctly to de-hypnotise the pattern that is already running. The earlier pattern is caused directly through self hypnosis, a younger you got very emotional about something, laying the pathway to your current problem. If you’re struggling to overcome an unconscious pattern then be happy in the knowledge that self hypnosis is the right path for you, your problem is proof that it works.
is self hypnosis the same as meditation/is self hypnosis meditation
Self hypnosis can be seen as similar to meditation with the exception that self hypnosis is more directive. It can take years to develop your mind so that you can meditate effectively, whereas self hypnosis can be achieved each time you sit back, relax and listen to our audio programs.
is self hypnosis real

Usually this question is asked when someone really wants to overcome the power of their unconscious mind. The doubts that one has around self hypnosis are usually driven by the unconscious mind to ensure that you don’t embark on a program of change. You are probably thinking why wouldn’t I want to develop? This is a healthy conscious thought, however your unconscious mind is designed to keep you safe. This means having you repeat yesterday over and over again. Sure, yesterday might have sucked, but if you’re still here it worked!

what's self hypnosis
All hypnosis is self hypnosis. If you think about your unconscious mind as a five year old child then all roads must lead back to that younger you. The unconscious mind is the seat of your emotions, everything is emotional at this level of thought. Your mind is constantly downloading and streaming information to your brain, self hypnosis slows down the stream, allowing the child to see what it is that you really desire. Your thought hangs there like a star, shining in the night sky and hypnosis removes all of the other stars so that your entire being can focus and connect with that one lone star.
what is self hypnosis and how does it work
Self hypnosis is the moving of your thoughts to one thought. It works by sitting back and relaxing. Many people don’t’ realise that even a simple thing like running up the stairs or brushing your teeth are all self hypnosis. Once upon a time you couldn’t walk, you certainly didn’t have teeth! As you’ve grown and repeated actions over and over, your unconscious mind has taken control. The next time you go walking up a flight of stairs try thinking about all of the muscles, the balance, the thoughts that are necessary to keep you upright. Years later many of the early patterns from childhood need to be upgraded and self hypnosis is an ideal way of doing it.
what is self hypnosis used for
Self hypnosis is used for change. If you have an area in your life that you want to change then self hypnosis is your best option. Hypnosis has been used successfully for centuries with often quite outstanding results. Personal and professional lives can be transformed into powerful partnerships. Sport and educational performance can be enhanced and even the poorest health outcomes can be transformed.
what is self hypnosis definition

In one word the definition of self hypnosis is ‘change’. Change presents the greatest challenge to all of us, as our unconscious mind is designed to keep us safe by repeating yesterday. By slowing down the mind through the process of relaxation, we are able to hack into the original code and upgrade to a more resourceful program.

what does self hypnosis feel like
Which trance are you looking for? Self hypnosis will feel like whichever trance you choose. If you want to win the gold medal it will feel exhilarating, if you want to stop your anxious mind then it will feel calm and still, peaceful, tranquil and quiet. Many people believe self hypnosis is simply relaxation but they are wrong, a professional hypnotist knows which chemical states attach to which emotions. These need to fire at specific times in a specific context, e.g. it’s not helpful being very happy when you’re sitting in the front row at a funeral. Therefore, your self hypnosis will take you on a journey that best fits you.
what can self hypnosis be used for
Self hypnosis can be used for many things both psychological and physical. If you consider that we learn most things when we are children and then those lessons are repeated over a lifetime. Fear would appear to be the underlying cause of most peoples problems so self hypnosis can be used to overcome those fears. Studies have shown that the fear of the unknown and the fear of uncertainty create massive dis-ease within the human psyche. Self hypnosis can take us beyond these points and fill us with the comfort that life ‘just is’. Imagine your life without fear.
what does self hypnosis mean

Self hypnosis means the process of de-hypnotising oneself from prior hypnotic suggestions. Imagine a five year old holding tight onto a priceless vase at the top of a flight of stairs. You could try wrestling with the child but that might damage the vase, so instead you offer a piece of candy in return for the vase. Voila, this is self hypnosis.

what is self-hypnosis in psychology
Many psychologists utilise hypnosis within their clinical sessions. Self hypnosis allows you to become highly focused on what it is that you wish to achieve, without consciously having to take action. The negative myths that surround hypnosis and hypnotherapy are probably because it hands autonomy back to you. Many doctors and physicians like to have the power over their patient but self hypnosis gives you back your power. The heightened state of suggestibility that is created during the hypnotic trance can then be associated with certain contexts, times and places, setting you free to enjoy life.
when for self hypnosis
Anytime is a good time for self hypnosis. When is a good time to update your phone? Some people will say when the most up to date version is available, others will prefer to soldier on as they are. Unable to connect to the new networks, settling for a poor quality system that is no longer fit for purpose. We all know these people. What are they so afraid of? In a word ‘change’. The thought of them upgrading, having to get used to new app, new ways of doing things, all costs energy. Your brain seeks to conserve energy so if changing costs the solution is to remain the same. Simple. So, when for self hypnosis? There’s no time like the present!
when can i self hypnosis myself
You are already in hypnosis. The whole of life is a sequence of trance states, driven by emotions. If you were to consider the best time to hypnotise yourself, the answer is in advance of the event. For example, let’s say you are scared of public speaking and you have to give a speech next month. You can spend the next 30 days fretting and worrying or you can use self hypnosis now. It really is that simple. The moment that you decide is the moment that you should act.
when can you self hypnotize yourself
When you think about being able to self hypnotize yourself there are a few things worth knowing….. 1. As a child, your young impressionable mind was already in a constant state of learning. This continuous onboarding of information was all about survival and your ability to adapt in the moment. 2. The patterns were set emotionally to enhance your survival chances. 3. The patterns run automatically so that you don’t even have to think about it. 4. The patterns will resist any conscious attempts to change. 5. Change is effortless and possible so long as you relax and set your mind to achieving one goal at a time.

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