Conversational Decoding

converstational-decodingWhat is Conversational Decoding?

Conversational Decoding is listening to every part of another person’s communication whether it be;

  • The words that you use,
  • Your breathing
  • Pace at which you speak
  • The structure of your sentence
  • The tiny body movements that speak louder than words
  • Your tonality
  • And so much more

This is an ideal training program for therapists and counsellors who want to help clients to understand their challenges and overcome self sabotage.

For Coaching professionals to bypass the resistance a client may have with moving forwards and achieving their goals.

Professional people who want to get better at communicating in a forever changing world.

Does this sound familiar?

You have with a group of talented, committed people, why isn’t the team working? What happens if there’s a clash of personalities?

“Communication is how teams achieve integration and mutuality. The work of most teams involves constructing new meanings, whether it’s in the form of new-product developments or enhanced processes, and that work is essentially linguistic.”
– Harvard Business School

Simple, yet subtle

Simple, often subtle differences in communication can cause serious problems within an organisation. The good news is that they can be diagnosed early, and the right strategy for dealing with them can significantly strengthen an organisation’s effectiveness.

All spoken and written business communication contain conscious and unconscious patterns of speech. To a linguistics expert these patterns are as obvious as lines of code to a computer programmer. The most successful business people identify these patterns naturally and become our top entrepreneurs as a result. The rest of us just need a little help.

“You need to influence, motivate and get the desired outcome by what you say, but it’s vital that you’re a good listener, too. You must understand the constituencies you need to influence, the customers, shareholders, employees, or the local communities you serve. You must know their requirements and what they’re looking for. You must shape that relationship if you are going to achieve the desired outcome.”
– Allan Leighton, the “Best-Connected Man in the Business World”


Conversational Decoding will reveal the patterns unique to individual decision makers, your team and your organisation. It will enhance communication with clients and customers, boost sales, help you recruit and retain the right people, reduce stress in your work place aswell as yourself. The applications are limitless!

Once we have shown you how to take generic processes that work in any context we will specifically look at several applications chosen by you and work together to build your NLP skills into working exactly right with that context.

Take a minute to stop and consider having been on a course and come back knowing confidently that you can

  • Understand the rapport process so well you can link it to your product as well as take it away from your competitors.
  • Link your product or service to deep unconscious desires.
  • Bind your prospect’s thoughts to you and your product alone.
  • Hypnotically future pace a client to completely eliminate any buyer’s remorse.

Amazing Results!

All of this might seem a little amazing, but to be blunt the range of tools you get from being certified as an C.D Practitioner makes all of the above really simple when you know the process. The key here is not just learning the tools but how to use them in a fluent, flexible process that means you are always driving toward your outcomes.

I do get asked about how is it feasible to cram so much into just nine days. It would not be honest if I didn’t say this was an intensive course with a huge amount of content and that you will work hard. And the reality is that all the techniques that you will learn on the course are being used throughout by me to help you to accelerate your learning. Very early in the course you will reassess what you think is achievable and how much you can learn in a short space of time.

We also pre assess everyone on the course. You can only attend if you are capable of taking the pace and have a specific context in mind for learning these skills.


What you can take with you!

  • Discover how many different ways you can deliver the same sales presentation and still be effective.
  • Pre-frame your sales meetings to virtually eliminate all objections before you have even started.
  • Use state management tools to always be in the right emotional state, even if the whole world is collapsing around your ears.
  • Apply the Universal Sales Model©(USM) to every communication.
  • See inside your client’s mind and answer the real objections, not just the ones they are stating out loud.
  • Utilise hundreds of different ways of explaining your product or service based on different attitudes.
  • Hook people in so they are always interested in what you have to say.
  • Know what you need to do to consistently achieve great results.

    See the learning in all things.