Subliminal Self-Confidence

Discover the subconscious roots of low self-confidence.

Your mind is loaded with other people’s ideas about who you are.

Is a lack of self-confidence screwing up your life?

Does your lack of self-confidence hold you back from pursuing your dreams? Do you feel cloaked in a fear of failure, embarrassment or judgement that prevents you from taking action? Many people believe self-confidence is a skill that can be learned with practice. They are WRONG!

In just 14 minutes (the time it takes to read this page) we share a radically new understanding of subconscious neurological mechanisms that control confidence. You will learn why specific regions of the brain get activated when you feel nervous, shy, stressed, anxious or overwhelmed.

It’s vital you realise that the brain’s in-built fear responses stop you from thinking clearly, communicating effectively, and taking confident action in your life.

Understanding the biological mechanisms DRIVING your lack of self-confidence allows you to plan a simple and effective route to elevated self-confidence.

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Maybe your self-confidence is better than you realise?

Or, it could be that one specific area is lowering your confidence. ?

Continue reading to discover how your self-confidence was damaged, why it still impacts you and exactly how this subliminal confidence course can RESTORE your self-belief and build supreme confidence!

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You are way more awesome that you realise, would you like to erase your limiting beliefs?

Continue reading to discover how your self-confidence was damaged, why it still impacts you and exactly how this subliminal confidence course can RESTORE your self-belief and build supreme confidence!

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Your score was [variable-1] out of 100 – lack of confidence is reducing your enjoyment of life.

Right now it will seem difficult to believe, but you deserve to feel confident to be the unique and amazing person you are. Events and experiences have damaged your self-appreciation, but this can be transformed when you bypass conscious fears and get subliminal.

Continue reading to discover how your self-confidence was damaged, why it still impacts you and exactly how this subliminal confidence course can BUILD a level of self-belief you never imagined was POSSIBLE!

“Learn exactly how you can build self-confidence.
Receive a free guide based on these results.”

Your score was [variable-1] out of 100 – your confidence is very low.

It’s likely that experiences in your childhood, and early adult life, have damaged your self-image and identity. You need to overwrite these uncomfortable experiences to build a healthy self-confidence. This may sound hard to believe but it’s never too late to repair damage from your childhood. Without delving into painful experiences or negative emotions you can simply re-write the subconscious patterns and programs holding you back. 

Continue reading to discover how your self-confidence was damaged, why it still impacts you and exactly how this subliminal confidence course can BUILD a level of self-belief you never thought was POSSIBLE!

“Learn exactly how you can build self-confidence.
Receive a free guide based on these results.”

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Addictive behaviours (food, alcohol, weed, Facebook, porn)

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Thinking you are unattractive, ugly or unappealing

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Believing you have little of value to offer the world

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Meeting the expectations of others instead of being yourself

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Seeking approval from friends or family for your decisions

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Afraid of doing things alone and lacking independence

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Obsessing or ruminating about what others think about you

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Believing people judge your actions, behaviours or decisions

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Choosing clothes which help hide your body from the world

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What’s the impact of low self-confidence?

A lack of self-confidence impacts an individual’s social life, ability to interact with the opposite sex and reduces the chances of advancing in the workplace. People with low self-confidence perceive themselves as unlovable, incompetent and awkward. They have a fragile sense of their own value and are easily hurt by comments from other people.

The lack of self-confidence reinforces feelings of rejection and inadequacy, it creates an over sensitivity to the perceived negative opinions of other people. The sad truth is that people with low self-confidence feel others are rejecting them, when really they are rejecting themselves. The fear of making a mistake, looking foolish or being embarrassed becomes so great they shy away from social occasions and the loving connections they crave.

Deeply ingrained mental conditioning drives the mind to focus on danger, creating an excess of anxiety, stress and worry. The internal emotional and psychological battle gradually drains energy and enthusiasm for life. Negative self-perception dictates the unconfident way they present themselves to others. For somebody with low self-confidence it is often difficult to believe others see them in a positive light and might want to be friends.

People lacking self-confidence all have ONE thing in common; they are not rooted in reality.


Distorted self-perception impacts how you THINK others feel about you.


Subconscious mental programs PREVENT you hearing nice things people say.


Neurological filtering mechanisms make you SEE negativity where there is none.


You are living in your head, STUCK in the past and you don’t even realise.


Subconscious programs protecting you from pain are CREATING fear and anxiety.


Fight, Flight, Freeze, Fun, Focus & F*ck-it!

Neurological and behavioural scientists used to think we had just two responses to danger; fight or flight. More recently they discovered the freeze state – which is much more common. You’ll soon understand why we perceive danger all around us, and how evolution has created a hyper-sensitive brain. First, let’s understand HOW we respond to fear. The fear could be going on a date; asking your boss for a pay-rise; taking a trip by yourself, or meeting some new people.

Fear is rarely rational; it is the perception of possible threats that your mind IMAGINES to be true.

What three options does your mind have when it is afraid?


In days of old you could get your sword out and duel to the death, fight like an animal, or get somebody to do it for you. Now it’s not really allowed. We might want to fight, but apart from shouting in traffic or when alcohol is involved, most people don’t.


Taking flight, literally getting on a plane, or just running away, is sometimes an option. But there are many things you can’t run away from; work and family tend to stick around. We might say we are going to leave, quit, or do something different, but it rarely happens.


What’s much more common is we freeze because this is what we learned to do as kids. You can’t say no and you can’t fight, so you do as you are told. As adults, this same pattern translates to avoidance, addiction, stress, depression and anxiety.

The problem is – and this really is a MASSIVE problem for humanity, not just people with low self-confidence – when we get into these deep primal responses to fear (many, many times EVERY DAY) the best bits of the brain shut down.

Yes, you heard that right:

In the face of danger we turn OFF the critical, clever and cognitive brain functions.

Blood is diverted away from the sophisticated and evolved brain region called the prefrontal cortex at the font of the brain. Instead the basic survival centres at the base of the brain are activated. This area is sometimes called the reptilian brain – not because we evolved from reptiles, but, because the instinctive responses are shared by all animals, including reptiles.

So WHAT can we do about it?


Depending on the seriousness of the situation, you might choose to laugh instead. Laugher gets you out of fear and into fun. Try it next time you are getting worked up by something you know isn’t really important, like during an argument about something trivial.


Sometimes you can force your thinking brain to turn on by actively focussing on the problem. This is why writing lists can help if you feel overwhelmed. You can often override the mental shut down after the event but it can be hard to focus when the problem is occurring.

F*ck it!

Could you decide to care less? Imagine saying ‘f*ck it!’ to your problems. Using focus and f*ck it together could mean writing a list of challenges or chores and deciding to say ‘f*ck it!’ to the less critical ones.

When fear strikes you can’t CHOOSE to feel confident!

Because fear switches off the ‘executive’ brain functions (logic, rationality, decision making, and all the other really quite important utilities,) you are not able to talk or even think clearly. This is why things like asking somebody on a date, attending job interviews, or talking in public seem impossible – they ARE impossible when the best bits of your brain are turned off! 

This mental shut-down explains why ‘traditional’ approaches to building or boosting confidence typically fail, miserably, and can leave you feeling more introverted, anxious and awkward than before.

Most confidence boosting activities are self-help rhetoric and doomed to fail in the face of fear.

“Try talking to strangers at bus stops about the weather…”

”Push yourself out of your comfort zone more often…”

“Ask yourself how a confident person would act, then copy them…”

“Practice doing things with confidence until it feels true…”

“Be more grateful and love yourself a little more…”

“Wear nice clothes and walk with your shoulders back…”

“List all the things you are good at and all the people that like you…”

“Take up a new sport to exercise and meet new people…”

“Say positive affirmations to yourself in the mirror…”

“Fake it ‘till you make it and eventually you’ll get there….”

Trying to FAKE feeling confident when you actually feel AFRAID is a bit like trying to write some lovely lines of poetry while being chased by a bear.

In the face of danger (real or imaginary) you cannot engage the brain regions needed to think creatively or consciously.

So, where does all the FEAR come from?

Survival is the key instinct for all biological life, including humans. We are driven by basic needs such as: breathing, eating, seeking shelter and having sex. These are all critical for us individually and they ensure survival of the species. No matter how much we evolve into sophisticated human creatures we are still driven by the same animalistic, yet critical, drives.

Our body and mind evolved lots of safety mechanisms to help us stay alive. The pleasure we get from food and sex is no accident; we evolved to actively enjoy things that are essential for life. Protection from pain and danger is another safety feature that means we don’t stick our fingers in the fire more than once.

We learn from experience and the mind does its best to protect us from both physical and EMOTIONAL pain. Unfortunately, it has a negativity bias. Death is to be avoided all costs, so we focus on DANGER much more than we focus on fun. This protected us from predators in the past. But this safety feature has not kept up with modern times. We are over-sensitive to perceived threats in our environment. The real lions may have gone, but the fears we imagine are just as scary.

As children we are even more vulnerable. Early experiences of emotional stress (bullying, embarrassment, humiliation, ridicule, shame, guilt,) get firmly etched in our subconscious database of experience. Experiences at school and emotionally unavailable or domineering parents shape our formative years and developing brain. We develop mental programs to keep us safe from emotional pain.

Understanding how the mind relies on PAST experience to dictate CURRENT thoughts and behaviour is the KEY to creating CONFIDENCE.

Understand and Unlock Subconscious Super-Powers!

The mind has two different modalities. The SUBCONSIOUS mind (also known as ‘unconscious’) takes charge of bodily functions, such as managing blood pressure and heart rate. If you had to ‘remember’ to make your heart beat every second you’d be dead as soon as you got distracted by something on your phone!

The SUBCONSCIOUS mind also acts like a database of past experience that you are not really aware of. That’s why it’s ‘sub’ conscious, it’s BENEATH your awareness; you don’t know it’s there. The subconscious database is full of unverified beliefs, morals, judgements and values that are shaping your thoughts and reality.

The CONSCIOUS mind is the bit you think of as ‘you’; choosing what you do, what you read, where you go and generally steering the whole show. But, it is fed data from the SUBCONSCIOUS mind. Your thoughts are being driven by information you haven’t reviewed and emotional experiences from childhood. 


The subconscious mind is much BIGGER and FASTER than the conscious mind. It processes information MILLIONS of times quicker, faster than most super-computers. It represents 95% of your thinking power. It takes in information via your senses (eyes, ears, nose, skin and tongue,) and processes it looking for dangers and co-ordinating your response to life. Your subconscious has much more control than you realise.

Take something simple like walking: you have to judge how to balance, the weight on each foot, how much effort to put in. All of these calculations are done very QUICKLY and EFFORTLESSLY. But, watch a toddler taking their first steps and you can see how difficult it actually is. Learning involves repeatedly doing something until the subconscious has enough data to do it automatically without consciously thinking about it.

Your subconscious also RECORDS all your experiences with emotional ‘metadata’. So if you ever felt embarrassed or awkward in a social situation your subconscious knows about it. Maybe you asked somebody on a date and they said no. Or your parents were disappointed by something you did. The subconscious has kept a record of all of this.

When you consciously want to do something (like get a new job, make new friends, ask somebody out) you are dragging the weight off the subconscious database with you.

But, who programmed the database? (Spoiler Alert: It wasn’t you!)

The subconscious mind tries to protect you from emotional pain, but relies on childhood data to make decisions about your adult life.

You subconscious mind ACCEPTS new information without checking the VALIDITY. So, if your parents called you lazy or a teacher once said you were stupid, this is recorded as a FACT and becomes part of your SELF-IMAGE. Your subconscious then looks for information that AGREES with existing data (it never tries to DISPROVE itself). What false ideas might have crept into your mind?

A negative self-image will gradually grow and you even start to re-enforce it with negative self-talk and a harsh inner critic.

Damage to your delicate self-image from childhood builds up and gradually your self-belief and confidence is worn away. Your conscious mind SHOULD act as a gatekeeper to information entering the subconscious, but, it doesn’t begin to do this until AFTER the age of SEVEN. By then, a lot of DAMAGE to your potential confidence has already been done.

Messages from the TV, internet, magazines and media also seep into our mind adding more misery to the story of who we think we are. But, this can change, really quickly and dramatically too, when you take charge of EDITING your subconscious.

Current fears are IMAGINED based on data from the PAST.

The mind uses past experiences to interpret the present; PREDICTING the WORST that might happen.

PARALYSED, we stay inside our comfort zones even when it causes MISERY.

The racing heart, dry mouth, anxiousness and confusion IS real. But, it’s driven by PAST memories not the PRESENT moment.

Set yourself free from the chains of the past and build a new self-confidence.

Just like installing new software, you can update reboot the subconscious with a revised, confident, self-image.

If it sounds IMPOSSIBLE now, that’s just your subconscious mind sharing its opinion based on your PAST experience! Your subconscious mind wants to keep you in your so-called comfort zone.

The science is very clear; subliminal and subconscious reprogramming is extremely effective.

This confidence course acts like your PERSONAL confidence coach, supporting your conscious choice to improve your self-confidence.

Build and boost your self-confidence and esteem using this powerful subliminal confidence coaching course.

This Confidence Course reprograms your neurology to build subliminal confidence in just 4 weeks.

Using advanced hypnotic techniques, your Confidence Coach will help you create profound new levels of self-confidence and personal belief.


Hypnotic Suggestion

Focussed hypnotic coaching creates deep neurological transformation by connecting your mind, body and nervous system.

Neuro Linguistics

Powerful language influences the mind subliminally to address root cause of subconscious issues and mental programs.

Mind Training

Alpha brain wave entertainment helps you detach from issues while creating profound adjustments to mental representations.

Sensory Imagery

Heightened sensory experiences maximise positive visualisations and enhance encoding of revised positive mental data.

Binaural Rhythms

Separate hemi-synch tones go to the left and right ear to synchronise the two sides of the brain. Headphones must be used.

Conscious Coherence

Moving from incoherence to coherence induces a relaxing state in the conscious mind while the subconscious gets an upgrade.

Rapid Results

Addressing subconscious issues quickly creates intense personal transformation, at the speed of thought.

Physical Restoration

Resetting psycho-neuro-immunological adaptations to stress creates enhances selfhealing and cellular rejuvenation.

Positive Feelings

Naturally stimulates the release of multiple feel-good chemicals in the brain (oxytocin, dopamine, serotonin and endorphins)

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Money Back Guarentee

Satisfaction Guarenteed

If you complete this self-confidence sublminal coaching course and are not fully satisfied then you will be refunded the full cost. Conditions apply.

Don’t Just take our word for it

My boyfriend got me this coz he was fed up with me stressing bout going to see his (huge!) Italian family. I didn’t notice anything until after about 3 weeks of doing the course when my bf asked if I wanted to go to his nephew’s christening. A kindof new voice in my head said ‘yea, I’d like to go!’. It surprised me to hear myself say yes. Instead of worrying what I could wear, who would talk to me (or if they even wanted me there!) I imagined a beautiful little baby boy all dressed up in a fancy Italian church full of flowers. When I said “yes” my boyfriend gave me a look like he could tell something was different. I still felt nervous but….. I went! And it was really nice, I felt sooooo much more relaxed than before. But what got me was that it felt like everybody else had changed. Like people asked me how I was and told me how pretty I looked, in Italian of course. I heard my bf’s gran say “bella” and knew she was talking about me, I nearly burst into tears. Before I think I just kinda assumed they didn’t like me, or I wasn’t good enough for Francesco coz I’m not Italian but I can see these were ideas in my head and not really true. I wanted to write and say thank you Matt for my new brighter outlook, it’s like I am gradually feeling that things are going to be ok and I can just be myself and that’s enough.

Laura (and Francesco!), Maidstone, Kent, UK.

I was shittin myself about an appraisal for work and new I would mess it up unless I got my head sorted. I was on probation and even tho I could see by the numbers I was doing ok (running equipment tests) like doing it quick enough and stuff, my mind kept on at me that they would not want to keep me. It was like a shitty little voice saying you’re not good enough no matter what. My dad was a proper git when I was a kid, I got belted if I breathed wrong! So, I kind suspected it was not me doubting myself but didn’t know how to get rid. After doing the course I got the job, like permanent. Life just seems a bit more, like Matt says “shiny”, it’s hard to put into words but I feel more able to just get on with stuff without all the stupid doubts creeping in.

John, Newark, England.

Right Matt, what have you done to me, my wife wants to know, he he he. Seriously, thanks mate. I feel like the real me has been allowed out to play.

Simon, Exeter, UK.

I know for most women shopping is fun, not for me. I hated it, like the most tedious chore ever. I felt embarrassed trying things on, everything always looked like it was made for somebody with a better shape the assistants looked at me with dagger eyes like “you’re not meant to be in here” I felt like a total imposter. But now, wow, like a whole new world. My sister took me out today and it was awesome. Like I was in some kind of Disney film with sparkling fairy dust everywhere! The shop assistants all seemed super friendly and genuinely helpful and stuff just looked better than ever before. At first I didn’t believe it but I just felt more bright and cheery and if something didn’t fit I could move on and not get all moody and pissed off. We had coffee in a lovely little shop and noticed guys checking us out. I think the course has been gradually making changes that I didn’t notice but today was the first huge difference, a new confident me went shopping and loved it!!!!

Sarah, Islington, London.

I only listened for the first time today so I’m not sure its worked yet but I think it will. I had tears rolling down my cheeks just listening to Matt, like he was on my side and would make everything all right. I loved how he made me feel calm and a bit confused at the same time, like messin with my mind man  really nice, lookin forward to tomorrows session.

Jocelin, NSW, Australia.

I felt like giving up and just becoming celibate. I thought no girl was ever gonna look at me. My mind said horrible things and I just accepted them. But now it feels kind of empty. Much less fear. Still don’t know what to say but not afraid to at least say hello! Thanks.


Life feels freer, like I don’t care as much about what people think, I feel more ‘ignored’ but in a good way, people have their own lives and I have mine and that’s all that matters. I think I told myself my life was boring and not good enough but I love it and I am appreciating myself and my decisions more. I feel confident to be myself.

Amy, Leeds. 

Science of the Subconscious and Subliminal

The dramatic way in which the mind, and behaviour, is programmed by subliminal information is gaining significant attention in the scientific community. Negative sources of information and advertising have been influencing and priming our minds subliminally for decades; now we can take back control.

“Information is often processed without our consciousness”

Effects of subconscious and conscious emotions on human cue–reward association learning

Nature Research Scientific Reports

“This is unprecedented evidence of the longevity and impact of subliminal messages on conscious, rational decision-making.”

Subliminal messages exert long-term effects on decision-making.

Journal of the Neuroscience of Consciousness

“The mind is able to perceive a recorded verbal message that cannot be consciously understood.”

The effects of an auditory subliminal message upon the production of images and dreams.

Journal of Nervous and Mental Disease

“Cortical structures are actively engaged by and appear to be essential for subliminal fear processing.”

Cortical functional connectivity decodes subconscious, task-irrelevant threat-related emotion processing.

Journal of Neuroimaging

“Emotional and cognitive responses are not identical to subjective preference, suggesting other mechanisms may be at play in forming conscious preferences”

A Consumer Neuroscience Study of Conscious and Subconscious Destination Preference.

Nature Scientific Report

“The role of task-relevance of subliminal information and meta-cognitive factors in unconscious cognition need more attention”

The role of consciousness in cognitive control and decision making

Frontiers in Neuroscience

“The influence of subliminal priming can impact behaviour, choices, and actions.”

Subliminal Priming—State of the Art and Future Perspectives

Journal of Behavioural Sciences

Decades of Experience as a Self Confidence Coach

Matt Hudson has coached individuals and organisations for over 25 years using his subliminal and supraliminal techniques. This hypnotic Confidence Course provides you with the opportunity to experience Matt’s transformational techniques in a gently guided audio experience.

His ground breaking approach to personality development delves deep into the real subconscious root of behavioural issues. Matt’s Audio Coaching downloads are recommended by counsellors, therapists, and doctors to accelerate healing and resolve hidden trauma. The unique methods that Matt has developed combine various subliminal technologies and Matt’s extensive experience of delivering profound personal transformation.

Matt is currently working with universities and specialist technology teams to adapt his methods to wearable devices and mobile phone applications. His vision is a world where people are no longer held back by their past, and are free to live fully in the present.

As your personal confidence coach, Matt’s comforting voice is mixed with subliminal hypnotic messages that release you from the past to deliver you a new, confident, future.

Unlock your past to release your future.


In 4 weeks this Confidence Course will radically transform your self-image and build the subconscious self-confidence you need to follow your dreams.

Break free from your conditioned past and set yourself free from self-imposed limits that have been holding you back. Get to know the real you who is full of confidence, love for life and self-appreciation. Start to share the wonderful new you with the world. We all have unique talents and gifts to share and you have been hiding yours behind a mask of fear. The time has come to let go and move forward, make a fresh start for your future freedom.

The BEST thing about this subliminal confidence course is all YOU have to do is sit back and LISTEN! Then, slowly at first you will notice little changes in your attitude, behaviour and actions. First you will notice subtle little differences in your responses to people and life in general. Then, as you gradually absorb the new subconscious program your mind will develop new neurological paths that guide your decisions and emotions differently. Like a seed planted in fertile soil, your mind will nourish the changes so you grow the confidence you need.

After just 4 weeks you will look back and wonder who you were before. You will celebrate the new self-confidence you dared dream was possible. Don’t worry if it sounds daunting or impossible right now, that’s the old program doing its job, keeping you in your comfort zone. The future beckons! What might your new self-confident life look like? Where might your new self-confident self like to go, and who would it like to go with? You deserve to build the life of purpose, happiness and fun that comes with a healthy self-confidence.

You’ve got time to build new hopes and dreams about the bright future on offer. We all deserve to get to know ourselves without the limits of fear imposed on us when we were children. Who are you really; do you want to find out? What might you be capable of if nothing held you back? What amazing adventures would you embark on if you felt free and confident to be truly yourself? Matt’s Confidence Coaching Course could be your ticket to freedom, where do you want to go?

Set yourself free, live life to the fullest, be confident to be you.

The key to subconscious reprogramming is repetition. It has probably taken you at least a DECADE to build the mental limits and psychological BARRIERS holding you back.


With Matt’s specialist methods you can rewrite them in just 4 WEEKS. By listening for just 30 minutes every day, the powerful hypnotic technologies seep into your subconscious mind and safely build up your confidence at a gradual and comfortable pace.


You will benefit IMMEDIATLY from the calming mental relaxation and specially crafted binaural beats that soothe your mind into an enjoyable state of receptivity.


It almost impossible to reprogram your own mind because the issues are HIDDEN beneath your level of conscious access. The mind is just trying to do its job and protect you from pain.


Affirmations can sometimes work, when you believe them, but if the emotional energy behind your lack of self-confidence is too great, then your mind simply won’t the new information in.


This hypnotic Confidence Course quickly shifts the hidden subconscious thought patterns that sabotage your ability to look, feel, think, and be confident.


By combining decades of research and experience with the latest neuro-engineering techniques you can build a deep and profound feeling of GENUINE self-confidence in just four weeks.


For £29.99 you can transform your life in just 30 minutes per day.

Matt’s private clients pay £400 per hour for his expertise and experience.

Listening to this coaching course for 4 weeks is like having Matt on your mobile, desktop, or tablet for just 3.5 pence per minute of deep and profound subliminal reprogramming.

Plus, we are so confident you’ll enjoy having Matt as your Confidence Coach, that we offer a no-risk money back guarantee.

If you successfully complete the course, and listen every day for 28 days, and at the end don’t feel full of self-confidence and appreciation for the unique and wonderful human being that you are, we will completely refund your money.

But, you have to do the work and listen; just buying it isn’t enough. Like going to the gym, you need to turn up. This mental training floods your brain with positive neuro-transmitters that help you feel RELAXED and HAPPY right away.

To support you even more you can also sign up for FREE email reminders that gently encourage you to sit back, relax and listen every day for 28 days, just in case your subconscious resists becoming the new amazing you (which it will!)

Plug in some headphones, relax, and enjoy as your mind receives its subconscious upgrade.


To support you even more you can also sign up for FREE email reminders that gently encourage you to sit back, relax and listen every day for 28 days, just in case your subconscious resists becoming the new amazing you (which it will!)

Plug in some headphones, relax, and enjoy as your mind receives its subconscious upgrade.



No-risk money back guarantee if you complete the course (listening for 30 minutes every day for 28 days), and aren’t fully satisfied with your new self-confidence!




Free daily reminder emails to nicely encourage you to listen every day. Plus a few confidence tit bits and words of humorous wisdom from the man Matt himself, (well, he thinks he’s funny.)




Delivered in .WAV format, compatible with all electronic devices and smartphones. All you need is a set of headphones and a place to sit, relax and enjoy growing in confidence!



As a special gift, because we really want to see you shine, if you can answer these quiz questions correctly, scoring 7 or more you will get another hypnotic audio completely FREE when you purchase any other audio course.

Choose a download from Matt’s extensive Coaching Audio library in the online store. From motivation to anger management, fear of needles to exam nerves. His audio courses have been successfully supporting personal growth for decades and now you can benefit from them, too.



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Stop the past from preventing a future full of fun and confidence! Begin coaching your subconscious mind to a better life today.

This time, we promise it will be different; you will be delivered with the self-confidence you desire.

For best results listen for 28 days first thing in the morning to begin your day full of self-confidence. You can also listen just before you go to sleep to create a deeply restful state of mind.

Self Confidence