Coaching Downloads

Access to your own personal Mental Coach, as and when you need him.

£29.99 each

“Within less than a month, my anxiety had disappeared completely!”

Simon Partridge, Woking

Coaching Downloads Features:

25 years of experience as a professional therapist, behavioural change strategist and personal development author condensed into a precision focused audio coaching.

Hypnotically written to influence the subconscious mind with language honed to fit your mind and your specific problem.

Cutting edge mind development that makes direct adjustments to your own unique mental representations to ensure that your thoughts become clearer.

Targets your emotional memory images to reduce fear perception and enhance positive mental imagery.

Experience powerful personal transformation at the speed of thought.

“The confidence coaching download has hugely levelled up my confidence with the ladies.”  

Timmy Poulter, Leamington Spa

“Matt’s audio helped me to overcome my lifelong fear of lifts. Things can only go up from here.”

Beatrice Richardson, Surrey

Made with a binaural Hemi Sync® rhythm tuned to the Alpha brain wave frequency, these coaching downloads allow you to detach from your issue, maximise your visualisations and heighten your sensory imagery without effort. The audio must be used via headphones or earphones, as it sends a single tone to the left and right ear that is synchronised centrally by the brain. This process alone takes your brain from incoherent to coherent in minutes, relaxing your conscious mind as your subconscious is upgraded with a new, life-enhancing program.

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Listening to these coaching downloads transforms your problem by tapping into the link between the mind, nervous system and physical wellbeing, promoting profound personal transformation at the root cause of your issue.

For just £29.99 and half an hour set aside each day for four weeks, you can finally be free of phobias, chronic conditions, limiting habits, or experience astronomical gains in your social, sexual and workplace personal development.

Delivered in .WAV format, compatible with all electronic devices, including PC’s, tablets and smartphones.

Begin coaching your subconscious mind to a better life today.