Class of 2014 HNLP

The practitioner training has come to an end and the question is who are you now?

We have just finished the HNLP practitioner training and as you can see from the photo above everyone survived. As per usual the training was a full on learning experience for the participants as well as for Sonya and I, we loved it! We have a dedicated Facebook page for all attendees to continue our journey together, as we develop and grow. If you want to learn more about our approach to nlp check out

The tip for the week is to remember "it's not about you" this is a key problem for practitioners as they begin working with client's, if you believe that your client can only change as a result of you doing the "right thing" then you are missing the whole game....people are changing all of the time, all we are is change....who are you now that you have finished reading this sentence? What has changed about you that you are not yet aware of? And as you are continuing to read these words, which will play the most important part in you becoming more now?

One of the participants began the week with a walking stick and chronic pain, only to leave with a whole new perspective on life and no walking stick! A couple left their phobias behind them whilst another, in the last few minutes of the training, realised she had overcome her life long problem with endings....leaving with what appears to be a permanent grin!

We will be hosting another training in October this year, so contact us if you want to be guided on a humanistic path to change your life and the lives of others....


David Mc Gettigan had this to say....

Hi guys! I just want to share with you my experiences of the Body Mind Workers approach. I have not yet taken the course but I am fortunate enough to be a practicing bodyworker for the last 4 years since leaving formal education. I have recently taken Matt Hudson's HNLP (Humanistic Neuro Linguistic Psychology) course in Newcastle, UK. During the course we "touched" upon (pun possibly intended) the upcoming Body Mind Workers material. As a body worker who has numerous strings to his bow, (Anatomy in Motion, Neurokinetic Therapy, The Bowen Technique, BSc. Sports Rehabilitation) I was quietly confident that with my unique skill set I could currently handle most of the cases that would come through my door. However as the Buddhist proverb states "When the Student is ready, the Master appears", I soon found myself confronted by chronic pain presentations that left me with an unerring feeling that something BIG was missing.

I needed to up skill to benefit my clients and myself

The deeper I delved into the clients social and familial circumstances, the fuzzier and clearer things became. It got fuzzier because I was definitely hitting upon painful physical manifestations of grief, traumas, and physical/mental abuse and it was a very humbling and eye opening thing to know that I knew so much about physical bodywork but that I was only scratching the surface of the bigger picture. It became clear that I needed to up skill and give myself tools to deal with these factors. I signed up with Matt and HNLP and had a fantastic week training to become an HNLP practitioner.

Using words to impact and transform the body

Fast forward to my first week back in clinic using HNLP in a combined setting with my bodywork approach. First patient was a young man of 24 complaining of knee pain. I assessed his posture and then muscle tested him finding a lot of muscles that were weak around his core, hip and knee of the painful leg. Enter HNLP. I used a language pattern and an anchoring technique to anchor in a strong physical state when his knee was pain free and feeling good. This took all of about 2-3 minutes!!

This stuff is absolutely amazing!!!

Just to satisfy my curiosity I rechecked all of his muscle tests after the language pattern and anchor and everything that had previously been weak and inhibited was now testing strong and normal. I had him stand up and walk off and his gait completely changed and he felt very weird and that his pain had gone!! He burst out laughing and felt like he was learning to walk again. I hadn’t even performed a single bodywork intervention at this point. My mind was BLOWN by how simple and effective this was!! I bullet proofed the pain free state with some movement learning and he was good to go 🙂 Another patient came to me with 2 years of lower back pain. Using a similar anchoring technique his back completely let go and in MINUTES he could touch his toes again pain free for the first time since his initial injury. This stuff is absolutely amazing!!! I cannot wait for the Body Mind Workers seminar!! 🙂