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Are you breathing properly? Some of you may have noticed that I have been very quiet of late, this is because I did not want to add to the noise that is drowning out valuable information about the current COVID-19 crisis, but, now I have the ability to help in my own...

Confidence Coaching and Subliminal Self Confidence Course

Subliminal Self-Confidence Discover the subconscious roots of low self-confidence.Your mind is loaded with other people’s ideas about who you are. Is a lack of self-confidence screwing up your life?Does your lack of self-confidence hold you back from pursuing your...

How Do You Do Chronic Pain?

How Do You Do Chronic Pain?

Why does Pain persist and become Chronic Pain? If you have ever wondered why pain persists and becomes ‘Chronic Pain’ then read on, you may just discover that there is a better way to alleviate the symptoms. Current Science on Chronic Pain and Nociception Science...