Barriers to Learning

The fertile ground of a child’s mind and their willingness to learn is easily spoiled, creating barriers to learning.

Negative experiences, unwanted events, uncomfortable emotions and traumas all play a role in dampening the child’s spirit and creating barriers to learning. These barriers create life-long feelings of inadequacy and underachieving.

Even without training, just being human, you can spot the clues that identify educational traumas. Ask a child about their favourite subjects at school and see their face light up as they delight in explaining what they have learned. When asked about a subject they dislike you can immediately perceive changes in gaze, body language and communication that indicate there are barriers to learning that topic

Since the issues are always unconscious, children lack awareness of the reasons why one subject is enjoyable and another a nightmare. Seemingly insignificant events, such as feeling embarrassed when called upon to answer a question, embed themselves in emotional memories which steer thoughts and behaviours. Perception filters and the ego’s natural desire for safety gradually increase the resistance and discomfort around a specific topic which becomes increasingly more problematic. Feelings of disempowerment build up with magnetic resonance as new evidence seems to further substantiate the problem.

Without intervention a child can embark on a course of flawed logic and limiting beliefs which shape the rest of their lives. Believing “I can’t do maths” or “I’m no good at sports,” when in reality a few uncomfortable events are wrongly dictating their level of ability.


The value of Matt’s unique approach is the way in which he is able to calibrate the below conscious body language and non verbal communication of an individual. This knowledge is transferable and broken down into a checkable process, meaning that although it seems magical, it is in fact scientific. Calibrating and clearing emotional memory images (EMI’s) removes the barriers to learning. Even Dyslexia can become a thing of the past 

When a child is open-minded they are truly free to learn. When their mental screen is replaying old traumas and negative experiences then there is no room to learn anything new. By simply observing the child accessing their subconscious memories, you can literally perceive the information they are accessing. Clearing this makes way for new positive experiences and genuine access to learning.

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