Antwerp Centre

Matt and his team are establishing the world’s first centre dedicated to Adaptive Mind Development.

What is Adaptive Mind Development (AMD)?

As we experience life we build up memories, both positive and negative, which leave a lasting Image. Negative experiences, specifically those with a strong emotional attachment, steer our brain and behaviour to avoid similar experiences.

The AMD method pinpoints where these Emotional Memory Images are stored and simply wipes them clean; dissolving the hold they have over you. By disrupting the neurological pattern, AMD clears the Image, leaving you free to think and act more clearly.


How does AMD work?

AMD uses an evolutionary approach to resolve deep rooted issues without the need to dredge up painful memories from the past. You are in control and the answers lie within. Coaches help you identify and remove troublesome EMI’s.

You are accessing information stored in your subconscious mind every day, but you’re not consciously aware of it. The subconscious memories signal danger to your brain (through the Hypothalamus-Pituitary-Axis), as if the threat was still present and happening, right now, today.

Disrupting patterns in the electro-magnetic Biofield clears the Emotional Memory Images and wipes the Screen clear. By removing the grip of past traumas, limiting beliefs, and negative experiences, your neurology can rebalance.

Stimulation of the fear and threat responses calm and relax when your mind is able to feel safe. Chronic pain, dis-ease and mental turmoil are resolved, allowing the body’s natural balance to be restored.

Discover how Matt’s work can support your transformation.