Behavioural Change ConsultantThis was a question put to me by a good friend and after much deliberation, I gave him this answer:

” Curiousity, fun and a desire to challenge the status quo is at the heart of everything I do.”


Growing Up

I grew up with many challenges, not least having a hearing impairment, which meant I got to spend a lot of time inside my mind. It also blessed me with the natural ability to sense shifts in other people, before they do. After all, I lived in a tough neighbourhood so reading people quickly saved me from a lot of scrapes!

The care system failed me, my brother, Nelson, who was mentally challenged and my family, who needed support. I have learnt that if you’re doing something that does not help you, STOP! And do something different.

I offer you an entirely different approach to development because I believe that “Chaos and Confusion” are the key to transforming your life.


You, now know why I can work with you to:

  • Develop your personal potential
  • Align you with your purpose
  • Overcome your fears
  • Communicate more effectively
  • Realise that “reality” is what you think about
  • Appreciate the simple things life has to offer
  • Speak up, for yourself; calmly and centred
  • Dance, sing, party and have FUN!



If you want a better world, then it begins with you!