“Could information be causing your inflammation?”

-Matt Hudson

Mental health issues have reached pandemic proportions, yet most treatments focus on the symptoms, not the root cause.

The Problem


The problem is, when the human stress response is activated, the fight, flight, freeze system kicks in. Historically this is exactly what our system was designed to do, but now in the 21st century it’s constantly firing as our brain perceives threats, both real and imagined. The predators that confronted our ancestors have been replaced by social media and mental constructs, fearing what others think of us. Conformity has become the new ‘norm’, this in turn fires up anxiety and is a cause of great stress.

“Care what other people think of you and you will always be their prisoner.”

— Lao Tzu

The greatest challenge becomes a catch 22, the stress switches off our thinking brain and cognitive functions at the very point we require them to figure a way out. This eternal spiral has led to the current pandemic of mental health globally. Sadly, it doesn’t stop at mental health, the constant flow of neurochemicals owing to this stress response, erodes and attacks the physical body.

This has created a tsunami of chronic physical pain and neurological disorders. We have begun to build the foundations in a new field of scientific study, this is known as psychophysiological disease.

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In the past ‘fight’ literally meant to physically attack, harm, or even kill the threat in front of you. Once the threat was overcome the body’s balance would naturally be restored. Todays battlefield is more psychological, yet we can still sustain the same physical harms.

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Flight was once the optimum survival strategy. Running away from danger guarantees that you avoid damage or injury. But where can you run to in a digital world? Where can you hide? Excessive amount of stress hormones are released leading to overwhelm and anxiety attacks.


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The modern-day go to response. Our primitive system has evolved to ensure our survival by suppressing our physical and mental reactions to threat. Putting up with and accepting the unacceptable impacts our entire being. This results in psychophysiological dis-ease. 


Negative experiences, adverse events and trauma are all imprinted as EMIs and it’s literally killing us

Seemingly insignificant events, such as feeling embarrassed when called upon to answer a question, embed themselves in emotional memories (EMIs) which steer thoughts and behaviours.

Ask a child about their favourite subjects at school and see their face light up as they delight in explaining what they have learned.

When asking a learner about a subject they dislike you can immediately see changes in their gaze, body language and communication that indicate they have a barrier (EMI) to learning that topic.

Even without being a body language expert, you can spot the clues that identify educational traumas.

Our subconscious desire for safety gradually increases the resistance and discomfort around a specific topic, which becomes more and more problematic.

Are you losing the battle with your mind?

Subconscious survival mechanisms create mind-body conflict.

The subconscious mind is a database of past experiences that regulates our thoughts and behaviour. Sensory data is merged with past memories and future predictions creating a distorted perception of the present. We are all stuck in the past.

Unprocessed emotional experiences negatively influence our perception of reality.
On a sub-cellular level we are reacting to danger that doesn’t exist.
Subconscious mechanisms that evolved to ensure our safety are inadvertently plaguing humanity with mental anxiety, physical exhaustion and chronic inflammation.

Current risk estimates predict 50% of the EU population will be affected by mental disorders by age 65.

We are at war with ourselves.
It’s time to make peace with your mind.

The sub-conscious mind

Plato’s shadows on the wall allegory introduced the idea that we are not responding to life itself, but our perception of it.

The French philosopher René Descartes conceived the mind as an immaterial substance; his idea is still debated by scholars today.

By using the screen theory we reconcile psychological and neuro-scientific ideas into a cohesive model that can be used for psychological and physiological benefits.

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The External Screen Model

Mental Health Coach,mental health,matt hudson

The Screen

Evidencing the holographic workspace that sits outside of the body within the human biofield. The missing link, the actual cause of stress.

“The Holy Grail” as one trauma specialist puts it, or the next natural step in human evolution, as the External Screen Model answers ‘WHY’ our neurology reacts the way it does.

The Hudson Mind Process reconciles psychological, philosophical and neuroscientific ideas into a single model of psychophysiological dis-ease. This can apply in multiple contexts including therapeutic, business and education.

Mental health problems and many chronic health conditions stem from emotional memory images (EMIs), created as a result of adverse traumatic experiences.

When these EMIs are triggered, we are immediately transported back into the original event, leaving us helpless. If we come across an event that remotely resembles the initial trauma then our subconscious triggers a stress response, otherwise known as the fight or flight (or freeze) response.

The survival response at the time of the original event engaged our body’s natural alarm system. Whatever decision that our subconscious mind chose then, is the one that will continue to influence our perception of reality today. 

As we get older we would like to think that we get wiser but our unconscious mind never forgets. Survival is paramount and your mind will continually react or re-enact your past, until the EMI is removed.

A survival response left over from when we were chased by predators

In order to respond quickly enough to the danger in our environment, blood and oxygen are diverted away from our thinking brain to the reptilian brain.

Our subconscious signals to the amygdala (fear centre) to prepare the body for conflict, suddenly we no longer have control of the situation, and we can only react with fight, flight, or freeze.

Unaware that the real trigger of this stress response occurred in our past (often decades ago) we retrofit the cause of this stress. Feelings in the present can be deceptive. The source of our problem may not be what we are currently engaged in. However, we rationalise the irrational to justify unconsciously triggered behaviour that doesn’t serve us.

Your mind and body adapt to challenge, but how well?

General Adaption Syndrome

Endocrinologist Hans Selye discovered similar patterns in both the human and animal reaction to stress. He found that there were three distinct stages of response.

Ideally, after the stress has been dealt with there would be time to recover, relax and repair any physical, or mental damage.

Unfortunately, evolution did not equip us with a mechanism that could cope with the constant pressures of life; we seem unable to switch off and relax, with dire and pathological consequences.

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Stage 1: Alarm Reaction (AR)

  • The alarm is triggered by danger, like a lion
  • Mobilising defences (fight or flight) and immobilising defences (freeze or hide) are triggered
  • Depending on the situation, appropriate defences are selected and we are primed for action
  • This is a very primitive response to danger triggered deep within the brain, controlled unconsciously
  • Physically, the body increases blood pressure; blood glucose and oxygenation in preparation
  • Ideally the action taken is sufficient and the predator or threat leaves or is overcome

Stage 2: Stage of Resistance (SR)

  • If the stressor does not go away (or you are still in a poor quality relationship/job) the resistance increases
  • Your body needs extra energy to maintain the high alert
  • The hyper-alert stage prevents quality sleep and lethargy is common place
  • Hormones and energy reserves are used up while the immune system suffers, dis-ease takes hold
  • Changes in metabolism and appetite drive weight-gain or weight-loss
  • Adrenal glands specifically ‘burn out’ due to overproduction of cortisol

Stage 3: Stage of Exhaustion (SE)

  • After months or even years of stress the body begins to collapse
  • Unable to maintain the high-alert stage, tissues and energy are depleted
  • Immune system is suppressed and the heart suffers from continued elevated blood pressure
  • Mental exhaustion is combined with physical exhaustion, increasing risk of all diseases

Constant stress stimulation

The constant stimulation of the stress response causes hormone problems (deregulation of the Hypothalamic-Pituitary-Adrenal axis), eventually wearing the body out and leading to states of imbalance which we call ‘dis-ease’.

Stress is meant to trigger the alarm system of the body for a short period of time, but if it continues to fire then the psychophysiological impact can be toxic.

fight or flight response. stress response system
effects of stress hormones

Stress and hormones

Stress and the hormones that accompany it are implicated in virtually every lifestyle disease.

EMIs from the past are being played out as if they are occurring in the present.

Essentially, we are all suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder as we replay events that cause emotional upset or continual trauma.

Evolutionary Approaches

When you combine the latest human biofield science with a deep understanding of nonverbal communication you get a whole new perspective on the mind and brain. The answers are inside your mind and your mind is not your brain!

Matt Hudsons life’s work is underpinned by a simple principle:

The missing piece of the puzzle
A great deal of learning can happen as we grow and experience life, and sometimes events leave emotional memory images or barriers to learning that impact on us negatively.

All of our behaviours are useful so long as we can find the context for them to fit; under lighthearted, instructive teaching/coaching conditions the Hudson Mind Process helps you, the learner, to remove your barrier to learning. There is a better way…….. 

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When YOU Understand YOUR Own Mind

Anything is Possible

Chronic Pain Recovery

The Problem

Andrew had suffered off and on with chronic facial pain and headaches for over 30, he had tried many different treatments for what appeared to be trigeminal neuralgia. These sharp shooting pains were sporadic and seemed to have no original point of origin, or so he thought.

The Solution

Andrew, explored an accident, which had happened in his early teens. Matt interrupted the information flow that Andrew was perceiving and the pain disappeared. The message had been received. A few years later, there has been no re-occurrence of the pain.

Listen to Their Stories

The Matt Hudson Mind Process

Matt is a rebel with a cause
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Biofield Science

Evidence for the human Biofield is rapidly emerging from multiple scientific disciplines.

The human body acts just like a biological battery and every single cell generates its own electro-magnetic field. Calcium ions create the positive pole and Magnesium ions create the negative pole. The combined effect of 37 trillion cells with positive and negative poles creates the human Biofield. When cells are correctly hydrated and mineralised the electro-magnetic Biofield they produce encapsulates the entire body.

For thousands of years ancient civilizations have known about energy fields surrounding and permeating the body. Known by various names (Prana, Qi, Chi, Life Force, Vril, Orgone energy) the existence of this vital energy was disputed by modern science, until very recently. In 1992 a National Institute of Health committee was assembled to review the growing body of evidence surrounding alternative therapies.

They needed to label the medium through which these therapies operated and coined the name ‘Biofield’. This mysterious energy surrounding us all is a combination of electromagnetic fields produced by the body and putative forces that we’re still discovering how to measure. Scientists all over the globe are rapidly discovering the critical role this energy field plays in guiding our growth, healing and cellular communication.

We are beginning to understand what ancient healing practices already knew, that energy is vital to health. The Biofield seems to have a critical role as a control system for the whole body maintaining a very delicate state of balance.

The Biofield stores emotional experiences and as we go through life, memories, traumas and limiting beliefs create energetic imprints. Our view of the world and our physical responses become tainted by these imprinted experiences and emotions stored on Screen in the Biofield.

Fortunately, our ability to engineer changes in the Biofield is more advanced than our scientific understanding!

As energetic Images are wiped away the signals of stress and danger stop stimulating the brain and immune system. Clients often experience immediate and dramatic changes from a single session. Medicine is in transition, but letting go of outdated chemical and molecular models of disease will take a long time.

Adaptive Mind Development gives you access to this new paradigm of Biofield learning, it is set to radically transform how we view and improve every aspect of our health and wellbeing.

It’s time to recognise the electromagnetic self!

Non-Verbal Communication

Underneath your conscious level of awareness you are saying much more.

Non-verbal communication accounts for as much as 93% of your communication with another being. A reported 55% is body language, while 38% is tone of voice.

Without training, we have a subtle intuitive awareness of the subtext of what people are saying. Is it truthful?

Are they happy about the message they are communicating?

Matt’s work focuses on the art of observation, looking specifically for body movement, facial cues and eye direction to access the unconscious mind.

Mental Health Coach,mental health,matt hudson
Mental Health Coach,mental health,matt hudson

Verbally we are able to lie, to hide facts, to skimp on the truth, but physically the body does not lie.

The body is controlled much more by the unconscious mind which has a greater access to subtle truths, fears, traumas and content that we would rather not consciously access.

This is in part how a polygraph (lie detector) works.

It reports the difference between the conscious communication (the voice) and the physical body (sweating and heart rate).

When the two misalign, this indicates at least part of the story is untrue.

Train Your Subconscious Mind

Matt’s subconscious mind training helps people process, resolve and integrate emotional or traumatic experiences from the past that are impairing their quality of life in the present.

When individuals are accessing their emotional memory images (EMIs) via the non-verbal communication of their eyes, it is possible to interrupt the stream of data from their subconscious that signals to their body how to react to the perceived threat in their environment.

By simultaneously holding the old EMI in mind and perceiving the present moment from a place of clarity, clients experience a near instantaneous resolution of their outdated programs.

Think of it like switching a computer on and off, this causes all of the unnecessary background applications to close and refreshes the whole system.

Matt’s approach is unique, in that he focuses on the solution and not the problem.

Accessing all of the information he needs to resolve his client’s issues with non verbal communication. Matt does not need to know what the original event was, clients do not need to re-live the trauma of their past.

Matt’s mental coaching sessions are fun and engaging, with plenty of humour and focus to bring you a deeper awareness of YOU.

Once the emotional memory images (EMIs) are updated, then our perception and experience of reality shifts dramatically.

Fear, rigidity, and helplessness are replaced with confidence, joy, and a firmly established self-belief.

Matt’s mental coaching works on a subconscious level, often resolving issues that have persisted for a lifetime in seconds. Discover a version of yourself that appreciates and enjoys life to the max.

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The Sabotuer Within

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