Born in Newcastle upon Tyne,

North East England in 1967, Matt is an eternal optimist. He has always had severe hearing problems -Otosclerosis, and grew up in a world where he could only hear extremely loud noise, all of the more subtle sounds, like conversation, were inaccessible to him . He sees himself as fortunate to have this dis ability, as it has heightened his other senses to such a level that they have allowed him to develop a unique and uncanny gift. Matt is able to ‘see’ the incongruent messages people live with every day, then, transform those messages into powerful drivers to help the individual live a more balanced and purposeful life.

He entered this lifetime during the second month of winter, the Sun-sign-Aquarius, associated with letting go of your past and looking forward to longer, lighter days, ahead. One might say that Matt is typical of his birth sign; he is on a continual quest for self-development, looking to affirm every individual’s right, to be seen as an equal and to fulfil their true potential.

A success story…

Founder of Motivational Change, Matt first became involved with hypnosis in the late 1980s when watching the late, great Ormond Mcgill. Whilst seeing a man being hypnotised, genuinely believe that his leg was made of wood, Matt wanted to examine hypnosis and its applications in pain management. He has since developed his special brand of “Unconscious Coaching” to create a niche for himself within the field of personal development and coaching.

Initially, Matt’s work was one-to-one coaching, where he began to hone his therapeutic skills, his success was such that he rapidly expanded his client portfolio and is now recognised as one of the country’s most successful and experienced clinical hypnotherapists, and coaches. Treating a wide range of conditions. Matt continues to receive many recommendations from satisfied ex-clients and GP’s referrals.

Up to date methods

Over the years, Matt has undertaken hundreds of hours of Continual Professional Development training in specialised aspects of therapy, particularly at the Proudfoot School of Hypnosis and Psychotherapy. Matt has trained with the leading personalities in the Coaching and therapy world, including Richard Bandler, Paul McKenna, John Grinder, Steve Andreas, Shelle Rose Charvet, John Overdurf, Micheal Carrol, Julie Silverthorn, John Banmen and Carol Sommer. Matt believes strongly in remaining at the forefront of modern therapeutic methods. Matt is also a certified N.L.P. (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) Trainer as well as a Humanistic Neuro-Linguistic Psychology (HNLP) trainer and Coach.

Authority on the subject of Self-Sabotage

Matt has written a book on the subject of the unconscious mind and why we self-sabotage, ‘The Saboteur Within’, which reached the Amazon No.1 International Best Sellers list and still continues to help many readers today.

Specialist in HNLP, NLP, Hypnosis & Life Coaching

Matt’s specialisation is, as he simply puts it, “the mind”.  To the rest of us that means :

  • overcoming phobias and anxiety states,
  • natural childbirth,
  • healing the wounds of childhood abuse,
  • pain control,
  • releasing traumas,
  • enhancing sports performance,
  • past life regression, Sonya’s passion,
  • sustaining and building relationships,
  • Using your mind to overcome illness and dis – ease,
  • plus Conversational Decoding, his own unique programme designed to work with the unconscious elements of communication.

As a stress management consultant, he works privately with individuals or groups, providing a comprehensive programme of stress control and has considerable experience in using state management techniques to eradicate stress responses.

Developing personal potential allows our world to evolve. By creating flexibility in all communications, you generate lasting change. I love making it simple and fun!

Behavioural Change Consultant

Matt Hudson Mr Behaviour Change Consultant

“I believe that anyone who devotes their time to reviewing literature, conducting studies and immersing themselves in a subject is deserving of an opinion on that subject. I seek to find a way that gives us all access to the power of our unconscious mind, our spirit, our soul. I do so methodically and I use the MAP as the basis of introduction for students and learners, to follow my steps and hopefully take up the challenge with me.”

My search in 2015 is now directly focused upon “The Deletion Filter” which I will allude  to during Unconscious Coaching and Beyond The Nothing

I have written and published three books on the subject of the mind:

The Wizard of Was: The Guide to Behavioural Time Management

The Saboteur Within: The Definitive Guide To Overcoming Self Sabotage

Kids: Now They Come With A Manual

Now that you know why I do the things I do, you might want to know where I’ve been to gather this experience nothing that follows is me but simply parts of me. Perhaps the piece that you are looking for is here, for you to see, or perhaps you need to spend time with me to find the piece that you need?

  • Born with hearing problems, so, I’ve had a lifetime of listening to people
  • Joined the Air Force with a visual hearing test!
  • Painted a tank pink! Whilst serving in the Falklands
  • I am a father to three fantastic boys (who are now men!)
  • My wife Sonya and I have been together forever!
  • I design and deliver Laughter workshops, for Cancer patients and stress management
    Are you having a laugh?

    Are you having a laugh?

  • I have worked in the corporate field as a trainer in customer service and NLP training
  • I have worked within the NHS at various PCT’s delivering communication skills training
  • I learn through osmosis, I just have to stand near books and the learning enters me
  • I have owned different businesses one of which was a Cobblers shop, the logo above the door read “Hudson’s Master shoe repairers Cobbler’s to everyone”
  • I have designed and delivered programs for parents, families relationships, children, teachers and education.
  • I am used to the general public, the office, the corporate, the health sector, education, families
  • I am from Newcastle Upon Tyne in the North East of England
  • “You may be right I may be crazy but it just may be a lunatic you’re looking for” Billy Joel
  • I believe that confusion is the step before enlightenment
  • I have experience of life, death and every stop in between

Media interest

Matt has featured regularly on BBC Radio Newcastle, in the Evening Chronicle, The Journal, The Northern Echo, The Daily Express and other national publications. He often gives talks on the curative powers of hypnosis to doctors locally and nationally. He is a well-known speaker on the subjects of hypnosis, Unconscious Coaching and “The Saboteur Within”. He has also appeared on BBC1, Tyne Tees TV and Sky TV demonstrating his success in treating phobias; he has been featured on national radio. He is regularly contacted by TV programme makers, for advice and information on the healing powers of Hypnotherapy plus the power of the mind.



Matt co-delivers training with his wife Sonya Hudson they have been providing hypnotherapy and NLP training to therapists, psychologists, GPs, health practitioners and teachers as well as the general public since the 1990s and their work continues to expand.

Matt is also a regular guest presenter for a host of national and international Coaching and Training organisations and has run courses and seminars for the Proudfoot School of Hypnosis and Psychotherapy, Mind International Training Associates, Business NLP Sweden, The Life Long Learning Company, the UK Guild of Hypnotist Examiners, as well as trainings in Norway, Sweden, France, Netherlands and as far afield as Kuwait.

He has presented papers to the Annual Conference of the UK Guild of Hypnotist Examiners (of which he is a former committee member) and is a popular after-dinner speaker on the subjects of Hypnosis and The Unconscious Mind.