There is a genuine reason for being hopeless at decision-making! I am busy putting together the finishing touches to my new book “The Saboteur Within” and Sonya asked me if I had completed certain details that were relevant to making it even more irresistible to the readers.

“Matt Hudson do detail???” as you can probably imagine, I had not done it, but, in that instant I had a thought, what if the reason people differ decision making or allow others to do it for them is so that they have someone to blame if it all goes wrong…!

I actually caught a voice inside my mind saying “I’ll blame you” OMG! I caught the voice and worked with what would the benefit be of having someone to blame.

The list can become endless, but in a nutshell it equals “zero responsibility” so maybe the original pattern was born out of “taking responsibility equals pain” I was working in a company recently, with their management team, at their site and every time we took a break I noticed how they would be swamped by their subordinates, asking them to sign off on things.

As a society are we destined to be scared of making and taking a decision for ourselves. Look around you have you noticed how difficult it is to get anyone to make a real decision anymore?

I mentioned last week about the obesity epidemic in the North east of England, so, I decided to put on a workshop to help fat people to become slim, but guess what, here’s a free slimming tip, To be slim you have to be good at making decisions!!!

What was I thinking expecting fat people to make the effort of pushing a button and signing up for a make me slim course, and how the heck could you promote it to a friend without the fear of a thump! So your decision making process is hampered too, by the outcome.

Maybe, then, the only genuine decision process equals owned by you with full responsibility for the outcome however it ends up.
If you’re a mum or dad do encourage your children to make and take decisions and support them during feedback, likewise if you’re a manager, executive or simply a human being like me.