A Client’s Wish

I was handed a piece of paper the other day from a client who has been struggling with her life for close to fifty years. After only a couple of sessions she is realising small changes, great news. The challenge moving forwards is that the changes are subtle enough, so that she or rather her unconscious mind does not Sabotage what she is achieving.

On the piece of paper was this poem, which encapsulates what our journey will look like as we progress.

Come to the edge.
We can't. We're afraid.
Come to the edge.
We can't. We will fall!
Come to the edge.
And they came.
And he pushed them.
And they flew.

~Guillaume Apollinaire~

How many times have you shrunk back from the edge when you were so close to overcoming your fear? Understanding your reality will never prepare you for stepping of the edge into the unknown. And yet, the moment that you move the dragons will disappear also.

To coaches and therapists everywhere, remember to push so that your client’s can fly!

To you who need a hand remember beyond your fears you can fly!

To J thank you for reminding me, to push even though you’re scared to fly!

See the learning in all things.