Kids – now they really do come with a manual.

0 KIDS - Now they come with a manual

When I was a child I often heard grown ups chatting about the problems they faced bringing up their children. There would be tea, cakes and lots of talking. The final sentence would always be an acknowledgement to the mums and dads who were present and conclude with a big sigh from the speaker “Aye! […]

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A pink tank and a conversational manoeuvre!

0 Break a rule and have some fun!

I was asked by B Daily editor Tom Keighley what are the five rules that I live by. At the top of the post is a pink tank and the following will help to demonstrate my rules… or lack there of!   Many moons ago, at military post, Mount Pleasant, The Falkland Islands, two young […]

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Unconscious Coaching and Self Sabotage in Spain

0 The Map of the mind

Sonya Hudson and I have been in Alicante with Carla Beljaars and Henk Beljaars (a couple of HNLP Master Trainers) The program is the brain -child of Marie-Lou Hoving, founder of Zonnevlecht Academie, who wants to help people to live better lives through developing themselves via world class trainings.   Henk and Carla deliver brain-based training […]

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Class of 2014 HNLP

0 The 2014 summer HNLP group

Who are you now?   We have just finished the HNLP practitioner training and as you can see from the photo above everyone survived. As per usual the training was a full on learning experience for the participants as well as for Sonya and I, we loved it! We have a dedicated Facebook page for […]

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How to spot a buying signal?

0 Buying signals

The internet is full of top tips on how to spot buying signals and some of them are very helpful, the problem is that they do not give you the key process, that is present with every sale or purchase and that is what I aim to do for you now. How can I validate […]

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What can Goldilockes teach you about choice?

0 Cartoon of Goldilockes and the three bears

Life is all about choice isn’t it?   The golden number when it comes to having a choice is ideally 3 The first is too hot The second too cold The third is just right! So could it be that we were all brought up on ‘Goldilockes and the three bears’ or perhaps there is […]

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Why communication is so difficult

0 HNLP changes your reality

In the late 1950s Noam Chomsky completed his Ph.D. thesis Transformational Grammar. In it he explained that there are three processes by which people make sense of the world; Deletions, Distortions and Generalisations. These processes help us to create reality as we perceive it – because that’s all reality ever is – our perception. Our […]

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How to get over the fear of being rejected

0 A fear of rejection

Do you suffer from a fear of being rejected? It is a very common problem whether you are a single person wanting to be in a relationship or a salesperson wanting to sell your product, it’s the same problem in a different context. As a customer did you ever buy something because it was okay, […]

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A Client’s Wish

0 The nest is safe but you were born to fly!

I was handed a piece of paper the other day from a client who has been struggling with her life for close to fifty years. After only a couple of sessions she is realising small changes, great news. The challenge moving forwards is that the changes are subtle enough, so that she or rather her […]

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Hypnosis for Pain Management

0 Matt Hudson and Sonya Hudson overcoming pain

Pain is constantly growing worse for many. Pain is an instantaneous feedback mechanism for the body and mind. According to the British Journal of Anaesthesia (B.J.A. 2010) “Pain-related problems account for up to 80% of visits to physicians” The question as to whether acute pain causes chronic pain still continues as further research is necessary, […]

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