August 28, 2014
KIDS - Now they come with a manual

Kids – now they really do come with a manual.

When I was a child I often heard grown ups chatting about the problems they faced bringing up their children. There would be tea, cakes and lots of talking. The final sentence would always be an acknowledgement to the mums and dads who were present and conclude with a big sigh from the speaker “Aye! They don’t come with a manual!”
July 22, 2014
Break a rule and have some fun!

A pink tank and a conversational manoeuvre!

Many moons ago, at military post, Mount Pleasant, The Falkland Islands, two young airmen had a bit too much to drink; I might point out that it was Christmas time and they were far away from home.
July 3, 2014
The Map of the mind

Unconscious Coaching and Self Sabotage in Spain

The training is in Dutch and English and according to the participants; even those with only a little English were still able to keep up, as a lot of our work is experiential and doesn’t need many words.
June 18, 2014
The 2014 summer HNLP group

Class of 2014 HNLP

Who are you now?   We have just finished the HNLP practitioner training and as you can see from the photo above everyone survived. As per […]