Business Selling and Negotiating

I am driven to understand what motivates people to do what they do. I also teach hypnotic persuasion, selling and negotiating skills. Would you like an even greater impact?

Best Selling Author

I write to reach out and help more people. A friend of mine said “This book pulls no punches. It is written with honesty, humility, wit and competence. Most of all, it is written in a way that draws from the experience of this man's inner journey to be all he is and his outer journey to help others to do the same.”. Thank you John Overdurf.

Master Hypnotherapist

Working with men, women and children of all ages. My work encompasses the humanistic premise that we all want to be more whole and as such, I promote self–growth. self-worth, and greater self-esteem.

Behavioural Change Consultant

With two decades of experience in Education, Health, Business and family therapy I am committed to the highest standards of personal integrity, professional ethics and clear objectivity, so that parents and children, teachers and schools, employees, managers and executives can trust throughout the entire process.

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2033 Break a rule and have some fun!

A pink tank and a conversational manoeuvre!

I was asked by B Daily editor Tom Keighley what are the five rules that I live by. At the top of the post is a pink tank and the following will help to demonstrate my rules… or lack there of!   Many moons ago, at military post, Mount Pleasant, The Falkland Islands, two young […]

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What People Say About Me?

Take a look at just a few of my clients thoughts

C. Whiteley, C.E.O Orwin Group

"I built a £10m high tech engineering business, during a recession and then ran out of steam. Matt is helping us double the size of the Group over the next 3 years’."
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K. Temple MSc(OccPsych)

"Matt's communication and language skills are superb, his ability to hold an audience is second to none."
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E. Johnston, a Mother

"Our daughter struggled for 12 years, G.P visits lead to more frustration. We can’t thank you enough. You are a magical!"
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K. Cowie, Deputy Head Teacher

"Matt has tremendous compassion and empathy with both students and teachers. I recommend him unreservedly."
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Continually looking at the world from a different position

Have you ever been asked if the glass is half full or half empty? Pending your answer you are either a pessimist or an optimist, but what if there is a different answer?

The challenge to the half glass is dependant on how long you hold onto the glass and not the contents of it.
Doesn’t this really describe life? You see when stuff happens to you, as it inevitably does, it’s not what happens but rather how long you chose to hold onto it.

Imagine holding onto the glass for a second or two, no problem but what happens if you hold on for an hour, a day, a month or years. Now you will have countless other problems, all because a part of you continues to hold on. You may have been holding on for so long that you don’t even realise, you have a glass in your hand.
And that’s usually when you contact me to help you examine the glass and set it down. So, the next time somebody asks you if you are a glass half full or half empty? You can smile and give them an answer to really think about.